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Pumpkin Filled Pastries

Pumpkin Filled PastriesThey’re pastries, they’re filled with pumpkin…. they’re amazing!

I was originally inspired to create this delicious breakfast treat when my bestie Amy (fabulous fashion blogger!) said “You have to try the pumpkin filled croissants at Starbucks!” I was immediately on board with this, but when I arrived at my beloved downtown Starbucks, there were no pumpkin filled croissants, only pumpkin muffins, scones and bread.

I then remembered one of my favorite breakfast treats of all time…. Blueberry Pastry Delights and thought “I could basically do the same thing, but with pumpkin instead of blueberries.”  Two weeks later, here we are… sitting in the middle of Pumpkin Pastry heaven!

Read the full recipe here!