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5 Favs in 5 Days – Take Two

Take two of my 5 favorite things from Mon-Fri was made a little easier with a trip back to Oklahoma! It’s always easier to find favorite things while on vacation!

My #5 favorite thing of the week…

I never understood my Mom’s obsession with ornaments, but as I begin to accumulate my own little collection I am starting to understand a little bit more. I get so much satisfaction each year I take my ornament’s out of their little boxes and place them on my Christmas tree. And thanks to Mom, I have a new guy to put on the tree this year!  The best running back of all time at the University of Oklahoma and now the Minnesota Vikings top running back, Adrian Peterson!  He will sit nicely on the tree next to my little Sooner and Charger players!

My #4 favorite thing of the week…

Every time I’m back home in Oklahoma, there a few things on the list that must be done every trip… 3 of those things will be included in this weeks “5 Favs” including the purchase of a new OU clothing item to add to my “Sooners Dresser”.  Yes, I have an entire dresser dedicated to OU clothing items… t-shirts, tanks, sweat pants, sweat shirts, boxers, if they make it, I own it!  My newest shirt involves one of the biggest rivalries in college football as well as a little irony for anyone who knows my ex-boyfriend and how that whole situation went down, a story you will surely see in a movie someday 😉 Wish I would have listened to the shirt before getting in that relationship!

My #3 favorite thing of the week…

Another Oklahoma trip ritual… dinner at Ted’s Cafe Escondido. Mexican food – Oklahoma style! While the bottomless chips, salsa, queso dip, spicy relish and tortillas are a huge selling point, my favorite part of every visit to Ted’s is their Frozen Sangria. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Best Sangria Ever! Yes, I do have the authority to name this the best Sangria ever because I am a Sangria connoisseur. Every restaurant, bar, drinking establishment I visit that offers this tasty combination of fruit, wine and liquor (what’s not to love!), I put it to my “Sangria Connoisseur” test and this is the BEST Sangria ever!

My #2 favorite thing of the week…

New boots! So I’ve been on the look out for a pair of flat motor-cycle style boots… and apparently I found exactly what I was looking for!  Upon arrival in Oklahoma in my new boots my Dad said I looked like I was “going for a ride on a motor-cycle” perfect, haha!  I picked up these gems for only $50 at Charlotte Russe! Been wearing them for over a week straight, so comfortable and go with everything!  Love the orange detail surrounding the zipper, totally on trend for the season!

My #1 favorite thing of the week…

SHELLAC! The revolutionary new combination of nail polish and gels has changed my life!  After blogging last week in my “5 Favs” about my amazing new nail polish, it began to chip 2 days later and my newly “freed from acrylics” natural nails began to crack and something that made me so happy just a few short days before made me so sad. Then, another one of my Oklahoma trip rituals,  a visit to my family’s long time nail girl Amberlea introduced me to Shellac! No chipping, no cracking, no dry time, just a super shiny finish and easy breezy nails for 2 weeks! I got mine done 6 days ago and they are still perfect!

Is Your Life In “A Place of Yes”???

There was a time in my recent past where many days were not quite filled with rose peddles and butterflies, it was more like dead shrubs and wasps. While I’m pretty sure everyone goes through a “shrubs and wasps” time in their life, it doesn’t really make it any easier to keep getting stung day after day!  Being the persistent, determined and down right stubborn girl that I am, I was not about to allow shrubs to block the view of roses in my future! The actual, physical “little leopard book” came in very handy at this time in my life. I began to write down productive things I did throughout my day, projects I wanted to start working on and goals for the future.  This really helped me to see that there would be days filled with butterflies and roses in my future!

(And if it comes in the form of cupcakes, even better!)

I also began to read the book A Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel. While I found the whole book entertaining because I just love everything about her (sarcastic, inappropriate humor, amazing business ethic, dedication to her friends and family, what’s not to love??) my absolute favorite chapters of the book were those on business, “Everything’s Your Business: Finding My Stride As an Entrepreneur” and “All Roads Lead to Rome: The Rise and Fall of BethennyBakes”.  I pulled many quotes, thoughts and messages that I enjoyed from the book and passed them on to my two best girlfriends for some entrepreneurial inspiration and today I will share them with you!

  • Treat everything you choose to do with as much importance as if your career depended on it.
  • Treat everything you do as if it is an essential part of your business or an important step forward in life.
  • Know how to delegate!
  • Don’t wake up one morning ready to retire with the realization that you never went for it!
  • The need for money NOW should never eclipse your vision for your life.
  • Hardship is better than regret.
  • Don’t think of all the ways you CAN’T do something, think of all the ways you CAN!
  • What is your purpose? What do you want to accomplish? What’s important to you?
  • The best ideas are the simple ones that solve a problem.
  • Look at your life. Look at what you want to celebrate or improve or repair, and then think of ways to do that.
  • “There are two types of people: The ones who give you 50 reasons it can’t be done, and the ones who just do it!” Hoda Kotb
  • Don’t think about how much you have to do all at once, just do one thing at a time.
  • When starting your own business the upside can be enormous, the downside is minimal.
  • Every part of your life can benefit from attention to detail and a high standard for quality.
  • “There’s nothing like biting off more than you can chew, and then chewing anyway.” Mark Burnett
I hope some of these thoughts from Bethenny will help inspire you all as much as they inspired me and I highly recommend reading the entire book “A Place of Yes” for even more inspiration.
Another idea if you’re lacking in the inspiration department. The almighty Inspiration Board! My BFF showed up one night carrying in a large black poster board… I knew she had something up her sleeve when she said “I come bearing gifts”! A black poster board and an Elmer’s Glue Stick were my gifts. While I’ll take a gift in any form it comes with great appreciation, I was a little confused.  She explained that these items were the beginning of my inspiration board.  Everyone’s inspiration board is going to be different because what inspires everyone is different, while it may be a career goal, a dream car, inspiring quotes or  something you’re personally working towards in your life, whatever inspires you can be put on the board!
While I already had a “Wall of Happiness” which consists of a silver magnetic board from Ikea where I currently have a baby announcement photo from the Smith-Haynes family, my letter of admission to Cal State Northridge and my Group Training Certification all clinging to the board with my Colorado Moose magnet!  The wall of happiness is ever-changing and more based on the present and what happy things occur in my life each week, where as the Inspiration Board is more based on long-term goals and things that inspire me to start making things appear on the “Wall of Happiness”. They’re all interconnected and all bring me to “A Place of Yes”!

5 Favs in 5 Days – Take One

So we all know that Saturday and Sunday get all the love when it comes to the days of the week… and who can blame them?? They’re filled with football, weekend getaways, BBQ’s, shopping and most importantly the two days of the week most people in the world don’t have to go to work! The ugly step-children of Saturday and Sunday are those “other days” during the week. You know who I’m talking about Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Just something to ponder… if Saturday and Sunday are the “week-end” days, couldn’t we propose that Monday and Tuesday be called the “week-beginning” days and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday be called the “week-middle” days?? I think I would look forward to Monday’s a lot more if I called it the “week-beginning” like it was the beginning of something new and exciting, not just another “case of the Mondays”!

All these thoughts about the days of the week and wanting to share some of my favorite things  led me to “5 Favs in 5 Days” a post I will bestow upon the world each weekend with my top 5 favorite things from those “beginning and middle” days that are usually consumed with all of the work and none of the glory.  We all know it is much easier to find five favorite things during the weekend, I’m challenging myself to find five favorite things during the week! These things can range from fashion to food to hairstyles and nail polishes to apps or books to restaurants or new spots, pretty much anything I condone as a “favorite thing” that week. Now let’s get this favorite party started!

My #5 favorite thing of the week…

“Ace of Spades” champagne. After an amazing night downtown Wednesday where I met some fun new friends , the BFF and I joined these new friends Thursday night for some more mayhem at Geisha House in Hollywood. Dinner and drinks were delicious, but the night was topped off with our endless supply of “Gold Bottles” … yes, these are the “Gold Bottles” that Jay-Z sings about in “On To The Next One”, for me it’s gold, shiny and pops bubbly so I’m sold!!

My #4 favorite thing of the week…

Perch, downtown Los Angeles. Great view, live music, amazing cocktail list, done, done and done. My first downtown excursion Wednesday evening for a “friend of a friend’s” birthday party was so much fun.  Great group of girls and always love trying new spots in LA! Highly recommend checking out Perch if you make it downtown! I can’t guarantee your group will be this really really ridiculously good looking, but the view of the downtown skyline will be 😉

My #3 favorite thing of the week…

La Piazza Ristorante at the Grove, Los Angeles. I shared with you a recipe inspired by this restaurant back in August and while the food is yummy, I’m actually placing it on my “favorite things” list this week because of the ambiance and happy hour! After a long day of trying to dye my own hair and turning it purple (yes, there is a reason women pay hundreds of dollars to have their hair done by a professional and no I will not be sharing pictures of this travesty with you all… at least not yet… the wounds are still fresh), then doing pre-calc homework and on to buying my new laptop, it was a day of ups and downs for sure. And what’s better after a long day than happy hour with the BFF! Erin met me at La Piazza just in time to catch the last hour of happy hour (in bz terms, that’s about 2-3 glasses of happy hour wine time)! They have a rather extensive wine list for happy hour and all glasses are $6, they also have a variety of small bites for $3- $6. And best of all, who can beat a view like this??

My #2 favorite thing of the week…

My new OPI nail polish.  For the last decade I have had french tip fake nails. While they were somewhat low maintenance, good for scalp massages and being color neutral went with every outfit, it was time for a change. As of Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 PM I am fake nail free! Part of the deciding factor in this revolutionary change in my life… this glorious new OPI nail polish I caught a glimpse of while checking out at my local beauty supply store. It sparkles, it shines and when I look down as a type this it makes me very happy!! It’s called “Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It” from the OPI Muppets Collection.  Used a darker red underneath and perfection!

And my #1 favorite thing of the week…

Obviously the newest edition to my family, my MacBook, Zoe. Yes, I named her after Rachel Zoe, she’s sleek, stylish and brings a lot of joy to my life!

Hello Gorgeous!! I am so obsessed with this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. My way of honoring the life and accomplishments of Steve Jobs, purchasing my first MAC… and the fact that my HP gave up on life around Saturday…

The Chipotle Defeat of Spring Break 2011

The first post using my new MacBook! Yay!  Time to bring out the big guns for an entertaining and unforgettable story! Remember when I talked about embarrassing yourself for the happiness of others in the “Spaghetti Sauce Incident of 2011”?? Well if you didn’t read it, it basically goes like this, I embarrass myself, you laugh, therefore you’re happier. While this story could be construed as embarrassing to most, I’m actually only partially embarrassed and partially very proud.

This story dates back to the warm spring days of April 2011, just a few short months ago when my girlfriends and I ventured off to the desert of Las Vegas for some Spring Break action. There were months of preparation, the “GTD” plan as I liked to call it – Gym, Tan, Diet. This story is kind of like the hangover, in that I’m going to stick with the “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” motto and just tell you about the trip back from Vegas.

After months of GTD preparation, there was a definite need for some substantial food packed with serious calories, what better than a Chipotle burrito?? As we pull off into the lovely town of Barstow while still drinking from our massive “Rehab” bottles of Mimosas, there are two things in our minds: bathroom and burritos. I take  the first trip to the bathroom while the other girls get the burritos (I know you don’t need to hear about when I go to the bathroom, but it’s relevant to the story!), then I take the burrito filled trays to the table while the other girls visit the bathroom (still relevant), I then begin to annihilate this burrito like it is the first food I’ve eaten in months… it practically was. The girls return from the bathroom app 3-4 minutes later to find that I have made that burrito my mission and taken down app. half of the enormous meat-stuffed tortilla in a few short minutes.

As  I look at my BFF after taking her first glorious bite into burrito heaven, I see the sadness and anger in her eyes as she says to me “this is not my burrito…”, so since our other BFF got a bowl, that means I have now devoured almost 2/3 of her burrito. Unfortunately there were things in my burrito that the BFF couldn’t get down with so I told her I would go buy her another burrito. Basically as the story goes, she denied me buying her another burrito, ate the 1/3 of her burrito that had survived my attack and I continued on to then also eat my entire burrito… yes if you are counting that is 1 + 2/3 burritos, 12,000 calories and 10 lbs of food I have now consumed. The look in the other girls eyes was one of terror, disgust and pride.   Surprisingly, this isn’t even the end of it… after returning to our little rental car I found a chocolate chip Clif bar and decided I needed a little dessert… that. just. happened.

It has been to the amazement of many people throughout the years how much food this little girl is actually able to consume. From finishing off dates dinners (yup, that happened) to ordering 50 Chicken McNuggets at McDonalds (yup, that also happened) to the great Chipotle burrito defeat of 2011.

The Sad, Slow Death of an HP

I write to you today, my loyal bloggies from Mr. Jobs greatest invention, the IPhone, because 3 years ago I made the unfortunate decision to buy an HP. Since last Thanksgiving my laptop has been dying a sad, slow death. But today she had enough and took the ultimate plunge of death. So, the next post I will make will come to you from a place I have been dreaming about for a year… A new MacBook. The pictures I will upload, the videos I will edit, the happiness that will ensue knowing that every time I push that magical on button my laptop will… Actually come on! What a concept!

I look forward to bringing you all a fresh batch of witty, sarcastic, entertaining and enlightening posts from my new, yet to be named, MacBook in the coming days! Stay tuned…

In the mean time, here is a funny picture of me with a deer head… Just to keep you entertained!


I’ll take your 90210 and raise you a Hart of Dixie

TV: I love you, I loathe you. As long as I can remember I’ve loved sitting in front of the television and watching something funny, dramatic, realistic or not so realistic.  From the memory of sitting on the floor of my living room when I was 8 years old eating pizza and watching original episodes of Full House, Family Matters and Step by Step on TGIF, to the memory of watching episodes of The OC on my fancy HP computer I got for graduation in 2003 that allowed me to watch AND record TV shows (this is pre tivo folks!), to the more recent memory of watching myself become “too old” to watch my childhood favorite. A show that changed my life, determined where I wanted to live, helped make most of my wardrobe decisions between the years of 1990-2000. Yes, I’m talking about Beverly Hills 90210, the original. Someone please tell me the new 90210 is awful and cheesy and much more ridiculous than the first series and that this is not one of those “ah crap, there’s something else I am now too old for” moments! If my age is the deciding factor, please don’t tell me, let me just go peacefully into my Tuesday night without 90210, maybe ease myself in with a couple re-runs of the original, or maybe I can find those 90210 trading cards I once had…

Yup, that happened. One day, hopefully in the near future, when I am feeling strong and commanding, I will go to my DVR and I will delete the series recording “90210” and I will allow the show to go into the dark abyss of my cable box and try to forget it ever existed in my life.  I will then fill the void with my favorite new show of the fall season, Hart of Dixie. From the fact that she was on The OC, to her great style, I am definitely a Rachel Bilson fan. I’m also a fan of anything that takes a city girl and puts her in the country, or vice-versa. Take for example one of my favorite movies “Sweet Home Alabama”, taking a country girl, gone to the city, back to the country… sounds sort of familiar 😉 I feel similarly bonded with Hart of Dixie which takes a young doctor (Rachel Bilson) and dumps her in a small town in Alabama to take over her dead father’s practice (although she didn’t know it was her Dad, or that he was dead until she got there).  I don’t want to give the whole story away so my recommendation, watch for yourself and enjoy. Cute, quirky and a feel-good kinda show.

In all fairness I did give three other new fall shows a try before proclaiming my favorite of the new fall line up.  Up All Night, which gave me horrible anxiety without any laughter. Revenge… I fell asleep on the couch… enough said. Whitney was a top contender before Hart of Dixie premiered, but I found the constant fake laughter of the live studio audience incredibly annoying and I hope the supporting cast kept in good graces at their previous restaurant gigs because they’re going to need those jobs back any day now!!

So, instead of adding a plethora of new shows to my line-up I’ll stick with my old favs and watch the final season of the real “Cougar-town” Desperate Housewives and live every Thursday to Thursday wondering if Derek and Meredith with be able to work it out on Grey’s Anatomy.

John Wayne Weddings, Sheep Herding and Mountain Town Adventures

With a boatload of homework since returning to school, living in a city that causes a lot of stress and not having any family within 1000 miles I’ve REALLY come to look forward to the “Bond Family Adventures” the clan has been partaking in lately! Our most recent adventure… a trip to the Southwest corner of Colorado for my uncle’s wedding and unbenounced to us… a morning of sheep herding! Ok so we were probably more of sheep “distractors” than “herders” per say but either way it was a delightful Saturday morning surprise! 

So lets just say you are one of those 6,852,472,913 people who didn’t grow up sheep herding let me fill you in! In Colorado once a year 1600 sheep are brought from the mountains “high ground”, to the valleys “low ground” for the winter to keep them out of the harsh climates.

Then once a year they are brought back from the valleys up to the mountains.  Now if you’re like me you might be asking “why wouldn’t you just leave the sheep in the valley?” Because sheep eat grass and if they eat all the grass in the valleys then they will starve and we can’t have that now because sheep are really cute!!! Case in point, my favorite little brown guy↓

Brown, black, whatever. The black sheep always gets the bad rep for being the “odd man out” or the inferior member of a group of people, left out for being different, but if I had the choice I would pick being a black sheep over a white sheep any day! I’ve never really been a “vanilla” type of person. I’m loud, I like to stand out, be crazy, do anything to get a rise out of people. This, to me, is what living is all about. Doing things people don’t expect you to do, thinking outside of the box and never caring about being the “black sheep” . Besides, let’s be honest, there is nothing sexier, more slimming or more versatile than wearing black 😉

After a morning of sheep herding it was off to the town of Creede, just about 15 miles from our home for the weekend at the Blue Creek Lodge.  In 2000 the population of Creede was 377 people… not 377 thousand, like three-hundred and seventy-seven total people living in the town. If that’s not a small town, I don’t know what is!  Creede was once a silver mining town but is now home to quaint shops such as the “Kentucky Belle Market”, “The Holy Moses” and the ever popular “Mines and Memories General Store”. My favorite thing about Creede… you can get a gun and one of “Mama Jeans” gourmet pie’s, get creative and make yourself a nice little Saturday!!

Oh, and the fact that this is their souvenir t-shirt for the town…

O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D. As well as the fact that the shops stay open in the town until after “leaf season”, yes after the leaves turn from yellow, to orange and then fall off the trees, there is no more going to work again until spring. In the words of my BFF Erin “I’d be out there shaking the crap out of those trees”. Hahahaha. Really made me laugh, she’s a funny girl that Erin.

Anywho, after returning from Creede it was on to the original purpose of the Colorado “Bond Family Adventure”, my uncle’s wedding. Now I have never tried to deny that I definitely have some “country” in my genes… but if you had to rate “country-ness” on a scale from 1-10. 10 being a bull-riding, deer-hunting, Wrangler-wearing, NRA-card member toting, honky-tonk singin, John Wayne movie-watchin, country folk, to 1 being you like a little Carrie Underwood now and again, I would say I’m about a 3, my brother’s about a 1 and my parents are around a 4… now my extended family on my Dad’s side… about an 11!!!  You don’t believe me?? Well let me share with you my favorite part of the wedding, they replaced the little plastic bride and groom a top the cake with a buck and doe.

Yes. That. Just. Happened. But I love it, nothing like staying true to who you are!

As some of you read in my previous blog, I’ve been on the look out for moose sightings lately. I don’t know why, but read my blog about it anyway because it’s funny. Although there were unfortunately no actual moose sightings on this trip, my obsession with the animal did land us the “moose” table at the wedding reception!

And the benefit to a wedding on a ranch… you get homemade pie AND cake for dessert!

So next time you reckon’ yourself a little adventure (for those of you on the zero end of the “country-ness” scale, let me translate: Next time you would like to go on a little adventure) I would highly recommend the Blue Creek Lodge… unless you fear pickpockets and loose women…

At least they warn you 😉

Pumpkin Perfection

I would like to take this time to make a confession to all of you… I am OBSESSED with ALL THINGS PUMPKIN!!! I mean this is a serious obsession. Nothing puts me in the fall mood more than the taste, the smell and the site of anything pumpkin related. From the most amazing drink Starbucks has ever created… yeah, you know what I’m talking about, the one and only PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE!!!

To the oh so delicious addition to the fall menu at one of my favorite spots, Jamba Juice’s Pumpkin Smash!

And obviously by now you have all read and re-created my delicious Pumpkin Cupcake recipe!

And don’t even get me started on Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Munchkins… or the fact that there is NO Dunkin Donuts in California!!

Now if for some reason you are just plain crazy and don’t like to eat pumpkin, there are still many other fun pumpkin activities for you weirdo’s 😉  Such as the ever popular, pumpkin carving!  Now this is fun when you have children (or when you are a child), but what if you’re a grown up that still thinks they’re a child, but doesn’t have a child?!?  Do what I did three years ago and throw a “Pumpkin Carving Party”!!  By far, one of my best parties ever (and I throw really good parties 🙂 ). Everyone brings a pumpkin and a bottle of wine or their favorite  fall beer (Mine is Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale… of course it is… I told you I was obsessed with all things pumpkin!!), but many Oktoberfest’s or Harvest Ales are very popular as well. Now I know what you’re thinking… probably not the smartest thing to be drinking while using a very sharp object to carve a pumpkin… and you’re probably right!  This could happen…

The key is to carve first, drink after, but if you do combine the two, the results of the pumpkins can be very entertaining!! 


I bought funny party gifts as prizes for the best pumpkins, just a little more motivation for everyone to get very creative!

Now, this year I started my quest for the perfect pumpkin by purchasing my first little guy of the season at a roadside stand in the mountains of  Colorado with the fam! While I don’t plan on carving this little guy, I do plan to buy a larger pumpkin that I don’t have to carry on to a plane to carve at this years “Pumpkin Carving Party”!

Happy Pumpkin Season Everyone!!