Adventures at the Farmers Market

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So Heather Locklear may not actually shop at the same Farmers Market as me, but it is located on the street that made her famous, Melrose Place… yes, every Sunday morning (if you consider morning sometime between noon and 2:00) I strut on over to Melrose Place, yes I live walking distance to Melrose Place I am that cool, and to their lovely little Farmers Market!

And this is where I find all those fresh yummy fruits and veggies you see in my cooking posts!

After a few weeks of attending this little treasured Sunday ritual I now have my “spots”, like the Hummus people.  There are 2 vendors who sell hummus and each one is still vying for the #1 spot in my book… one has more flavors, but the other has amazing whole wheat pita bread, decisions, decisions, either way they are both delicious and if I miss a Sunday (heaven forbid!) I have to live without the amazingness of fresh hummus for a WHOLE WEEK!

My other favorite vendor sells purple potatoes, yup there it is again, my love for purple foods! I will admit this obsession began after watching an episode of Dr. Oz.  Probably seen the show 3 times in my life, all I know is he talks about poo a lot and I’d almost always rather be watching the food network than that guy! But I did stumble upon the show one day when he was talking about foods that provide lots of nutriton in your diet and I thought yes, something I can get behind!  So I tuned in and learned that, as I talked about in my post on What’s for Lunch?? Carmelized Beet and Feta Cheese Salad, purple foods are packed with antioxidants, great cancer fighters and heart disease preventers!  Obviously all of these things should appeal to well EVERYONE, so began my search for more and more purple foods and there they were at my little Melrose Place Farmers Market, purple potatoes! So fun to cook with, add so much color to whatever you are making and cook just like any other potato! Usually they’re just little guys, but this Sunday I found a couple baking size and put them to work quickly!

I feel like this would be something that kids would love and what a fun way to feed them something yummy and nutritious!!  You can fill up one of these guys with the same things you would a traditional baked potato, cheese, veggies, sour cream, bacon, whatever you like!

A new item I came across this Sunday was the “amazing mix”.  Well, the name pretty much says it all, who wouldn’t buy something that has amazing in the name??? So I did!

Usually my Sunday morning Farmers Market adventures are a bit more leasurely but this week it was about a billion degrees outside so to save the veggies from getting drinched in my sweat I rounded up all my treasures in about half an hour and headed home to assess my purchases. Bell peppers, onions, carrots, the usuals, and a couple little yellow summer squash to throw something different in the mix!