Introducing Erin, Coordinator of Leopard Mayhem

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Hey Little Leopard Book lovers. Erin here, the new intern around the Little Leopard Book offices. All summer long I’ll be coming at you with the latest health tips, recipe tricks, and all of the fun posts that I can think of! For my first post, we thought it was only fitting to introduce a little bit about myself. After all, I have a feeling we’re going to become very good friends. I grew up in Northern California in the East Bay town of San Ramon.

While I loved growing up in “the bay”, college seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out life in the most perfect city on Earth… you guessed it, San Diego! I just finished my 4th year at San Diego State University where I was a member of the Epsilon Sigma Chapter of Delta Gamma Fraternity. While a DG I held the positions of both social chair and president. I graduated from SDSU with a Bachelor’s degree in political science. While I loved my political science degree, I recently realized I wasn’t the perfect fit for a career in law or politics. That’s when I decided to switch it up! I will be attending the University of Southern California this fall to pursue my M.A. in journalism. For now I am spending the summer in San Diego and having as much fun as I can learning and playing at Little Leopard Book! I am so excited to get to know all of you following LLB and hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them.


Why I love Little Leopard Book:

Little Leopard Book truly is optional eating. Whether you’re a full time vegetarian, a lover of buffalo sauce, or conducting a trial run of the paleo diet, there is something for you. There are an extensive variety of recipes that are both easy and fun to make!

What is my favorite type of food?

My boyfriend jokes that my favorite food is avocado mainly because I put it on absolutely everything! While he may be right, I would say my favorite type of food is Italian. One day I hope to travel through Italy, or rather eat my way from city to city. They know what they are doing! I can’t wait to try the LLB Italian Crab Cakes!

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 What do I like to do during my free time?

When I’m not coordinating mayhem at LLB, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I like anything that involves being outdoors. I’ll try anything once, I love seeking out new experiences, and meeting new people. You can find me browsing farmers markets, shopping in Pacific Beach (and spending way too much), or running along Mission Bay. I also love finding cool new restaurants and trying all types of craft beer. San Diego is one of the top beer cities in the world, have to take advantage of it right?


 What is my favorite LLB recipe?

As you have probably noticed, here at LLB we have a slight buffalo sauce obsession, including myself. The buffalo sauce recipes are definitely my favorite and I am making it my mission to try all of them, starting with the Buffalo Chicken Burger.

 Buffalo Chicken Burger Recipe

What is my favorite dish to make?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite dish I like to make, but I do have a favorite cooking holiday. My first attempt at cooking was three years ago when I decided I no longer wanted the family plethora of casseroles at Thanksgiving. I took on the holiday (besides pulling, who knows what, out of the uncooked turkey) by myself and decided to begin my own search for recipes. From that point forward, Thanksgiving in my household has been known as my thing. It is what first inspired me to try cooking and every year I continue the search for new flavors and healthy alternatives to traditional Thanksgiving eats.  I can’t wait to try Little Leopard Book’s Cranberry Glazed Turkey Breast this year!

Cranberry Glazed Turkey, Turkey Breast, Cranberry Glaze, Thanksgiving Turkey, Christmas Turkey, Cranberry Turkey Breast Recipe

Feel free to tweet me with any of your other questions @ErinAshMacLeod!  Looking forward to hanging with you all this summer!