It’s a Pickle Palooza

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Pickles are one of those things that has grown on me in a large way as an adult!

But as with all food, not every pickle is created equal. This you will know for sure after eating a Grillo’s Pickle… only the best pickle in the world (their website says so!)

I found out about Grillo’s Pickles in Boston Magazine.  I was reading up on the best burgers in Boston when I veered off to the small article below talking about these amazing pickles!  What started as a street cart in Boston has expanded to pickle distribution in Whole Foods and other grocery stores on the East Coast, as well as their very own Pickle Store which I visited in East Cambridge.

The store not only has pickles, it has pickled beets, pickled jicama, pickled asparagus and sriracha pickles (yes please)!

As well as pickle branded merchandise out the yin-yang! Socks, yup, shirts, of course…


… chap stick, why not! Bandages, toothpaste and pickle pops, for sure!


If you’re in Boston, Grillo’s is a must-stop, whether you just chow down on a couple of spears (you won’t be able to eat just one!) or take a quart of pickles to go, you will not be disappointed!


Visit Grillo’s Pickles at 1075 Cambridge St. Cambridge, MA Tue-Sat 11AM-7PM and Sun 11AM-5PM or go to their website to learn more about the ultimate pickle story and where else you can buy their delicious pickles.