K7 San Diego – Sushi with a Twist

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K7 San Diego Angel Tears Sushi Roll

Looking for a fun new sushi place to hit downtown San Diego?  Look no further than K7, where they’re serving up unique rolls with cool decor and delicious craft cocktails!

I dined in for lunch a couple weeks ago and tried some of their signature items, including one of their craft cocktails, the Ushidoshi, also known as “their version of the mule”.  The cocktail combines shochu (Japans version of vodka, but lighter!), yuzu, mint, bitters and ginger beer.

K7 San Diego Ushidoshi Mule Cocktail

Refreshing and delicious, especially when paired with their K7 Spiced Edamame.

K7 San Diego Edamame

Per the recommendation of owner and executive chef Kevin Roberts, I started off with their Mt Fuji Wild Mushrooms.

K7 San Diego Mt Fuji Wild Mushrooms

Usually I’m not a huge mushroom fan, and I definitely didn’t expect my favorite item on the menu at a sushi restaurant to be a mushroom appetizer…. but it was!  Flash fried and tossed in K7 salt, these mushrooms are so flavorful and I could not get enough.  I ate every bite of them before my sushi rolls even came into the picture!

Definitely a must have at K7!

For the sushi rolls I took a recommendation from my awesome bartender, Andi, as well as selected one of my favorites.

For my favorite, I decided to try their version of a lobster roll, filled with lobster claw meat and avocado, tempura fried then topped with jalapenos and eel sauce.

K7 San Diego Japanese Lobster Roll

Crunchy on the outside, rich and creamy on the inside with a slight kick from the jalapeño, this roll was everything I hoped it would be… and more!

For Andi’s recommendation, I tried the “Angel Tears” roll with cajun smoked shrimp, spicy tuna, spicy sesame oil and cucumber on the inside, with yellowtail and gold flakes on the outside.

K7 San Diego Angel Tears Sushi Roll

Very unique and totally scrumptious.  In all of my sushi dining experiences (and trust me, there have been a lot!) I don’t think I’ve ever had cajun smoked shrimp inside a sushi roll.  Great flavors and texture with a little bit of spice, I’d definitely recommend this roll when dining at K7.

The main things that stood out to me while dining at K7 were the very friendly and knowledgeable staff (important to a foodie and girl that worked in the service industry for a decade!), the incredible mushrooms and the size of the rolls. With 14 pieces on the lobster roll and 9 pieces on the Angel Tears roll, you could easily share 2 rolls between 2 or 3 people.  Oh and they have swords.

K7 San Diego Interior Decor

But not just any swords, the actual swords used in the Kill Bill movies.

And they have options, brown rice or white rice, gluten free soy sauce, seaweed or soy paper.  I like options so this was a big plus for me! Somewhere I can take my gluten free friends, I’m in!

K7 San Diego Chalkboard Menu

If you’ve had a long day and would like to try a sake bomb with your sushi roll, hit up their happy hour, Monday through Friday, 4-6 PM. Where they also serve spam tempura… hmm, I’m not so sure about that one, but you know me, I’ll try anything once 🙂

K7 San Diego Happy Hour Menu

K7 San Diego is located at 411 Market Street in downtown San Diego and open from 12 PM – 12 AM daily. For more information about K7, visit: http://www.Kamikaze7.com.