My LA Escape Place

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For those of you reading this blog who know me well, you know my feelings about LA… if you don’t know me, these are not those warm-happy-mushy feelings like you get when eating a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie, this is more the feeling of dunking that cookie into a glass of bad milk and tasting nothing but sourness once it hits your lips.  But since this blog is only about those warm-happy-mushy feelings I’m here to tell you about the one place in LA that actually gives me those feelings, Runyon Canyon. I can’t remember my first time at Runyon Canyon, but I can tell you that I’ve been hundreds of times since.  Right smack in the middle of Hollywood you would not imagine you would find a quiet, happy place away from all the Mayhem but after you finally find parking it is just that.  Filled with literally all kinds of people from tourists in jeans taking pictures pretty much the entire hike up and down to hard-core athletes running up and down the mountain with weight vests on, there are all kinds (I’ve actually thought about starting a website, could be funny).  I would say I fall somewhere in between.  There was a time in the recent past where I ran up and down Runyon (no weight vest, I’m not that crazy!) in preparation for my first trail-run half marathon, but I also enjoy a nice leisurely hike with my BFF Erin or  taking the ‘rents up to the top when they come to visit!

What a cute, active family we are 🙂  Anyway, my other favorite part of Runyon is the free Yoga offered daily.  Yes.. I said FREE!  Runyon has been called “a hippie spot” more than once. You will find a cart of food and ice-cold beverages at the bottom of Runyon with no attendee, just a sign that says “Everything $1.00” and a slot to put your money in. Yes, in the middle of Hollywood there is a place that runs on the honor system, shocking but also refreshing! The free yoga is another “Hippie” aspect of Runyon. Just true Yogis that enjoy spreading their practice with anyone and everyone.  A donation can be made, but all of these classes have been going strong at Runyon for over 10 years and they are amazing!  I always go to Donna’s class, she has the best voice that is so soothing and she turned me into a full-blown Yogi! There are also the cutest little gophers that pop their head up in between your legs while you’re in downward facing dog. It makes me so happy to see little critters and feel the fresh air (well through the smog, lol) while doing yoga, makes me feel like I’m not living in a concrete jungle, even if it’s just for an hour!

Yes, he is adorable and yes that is a girl with a hoola-hoop in the background, told you this was a hippy place lol. Needless to say I’ve enjoyed making this place my little escape from LA mayhem for the last year and a half.