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I’ll take your 90210 and raise you a Hart of Dixie

TV: I love you, I loathe you. As long as I can remember I’ve loved sitting in front of the television and watching something funny, dramatic, realistic or not so realistic.  From the memory of sitting on the floor of my living room when I was 8 years old eating pizza and watching original episodes of Full House, Family Matters and Step by Step on TGIF, to the memory of watching episodes of The OC on my fancy HP computer I got for graduation in 2003 that allowed me to watch AND record TV shows (this is pre tivo folks!), to the more recent memory of watching myself become “too old” to watch my childhood favorite. A show that changed my life, determined where I wanted to live, helped make most of my wardrobe decisions between the years of 1990-2000. Yes, I’m talking about Beverly Hills 90210, the original. Someone please tell me the new 90210 is awful and cheesy and much more ridiculous than the first series and that this is not one of those “ah crap, there’s something else I am now too old for” moments! If my age is the deciding factor, please don’t tell me, let me just go peacefully into my Tuesday night without 90210, maybe ease myself in with a couple re-runs of the original, or maybe I can find those 90210 trading cards I once had…

Yup, that happened. One day, hopefully in the near future, when I am feeling strong and commanding, I will go to my DVR and I will delete the series recording “90210” and I will allow the show to go into the dark abyss of my cable box and try to forget it ever existed in my life.  I will then fill the void with my favorite new show of the fall season, Hart of Dixie. From the fact that she was on The OC, to her great style, I am definitely a Rachel Bilson fan. I’m also a fan of anything that takes a city girl and puts her in the country, or vice-versa. Take for example one of my favorite movies “Sweet Home Alabama”, taking a country girl, gone to the city, back to the country… sounds sort of familiar 😉 I feel similarly bonded with Hart of Dixie which takes a young doctor (Rachel Bilson) and dumps her in a small town in Alabama to take over her dead father’s practice (although she didn’t know it was her Dad, or that he was dead until she got there).  I don’t want to give the whole story away so my recommendation, watch for yourself and enjoy. Cute, quirky and a feel-good kinda show.

In all fairness I did give three other new fall shows a try before proclaiming my favorite of the new fall line up.  Up All Night, which gave me horrible anxiety without any laughter. Revenge… I fell asleep on the couch… enough said. Whitney was a top contender before Hart of Dixie premiered, but I found the constant fake laughter of the live studio audience incredibly annoying and I hope the supporting cast kept in good graces at their previous restaurant gigs because they’re going to need those jobs back any day now!!

So, instead of adding a plethora of new shows to my line-up I’ll stick with my old favs and watch the final season of the real “Cougar-town” Desperate Housewives and live every Thursday to Thursday wondering if Derek and Meredith with be able to work it out on Grey’s Anatomy.