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How Happy Are You??

How happy are you?? Wouldn’t you like to know??  Oh you think you already know?  Well what if I were to tell you that there were a test you could take just to find out how happy you really are! A test that asks questions such as: “If you were keeping score in life, would you consider yourself: behind, even, somewhat ahead, ahead or far ahead?” Well it probably depends on the day buddy!  But today my “Authentic Happiness Inventory” is at a 3.58… out of 5, sounds a little mediocre if you ask me.. does this look like someone at a 3.58 of happiness??

Ok well I do have to admit that anytime I’m surrounded by barrels of wine my happiness rating probably shoots up to a 5 but apparently even at a 3.58 I ranked as high or higher than 77% of women and 81% of my age group… so either 26-year-old women are really depressed or this questionnaire kind of sucks but either way it’s a fun little test to either make you feel better about life or make you fall into a deep depression finding out that your happiness is at a 1 :-/ but I’m sure none of my marvelous, happy, positive little leopard followers will be at a 1, I mean how could you be unhappy after reading my super amazing blog, hurry, go take it now while the blog is fresh in your head and you’re overwhelmed with happiness!

Ok, now that we’ve got that over with, it doesn’t stop there, oh no, there are many lovely tests that accompany how happy you are including a compassionate love scale, a positive and negative affects scale, a gratitude scale and my personal favorite the grit scale, a measurement of  the character strength of perseverance… taking “getting down to the nitty-gritty” to a whole new level!  There are over a dozen of these fun little tests on the ever appropriately named website: www.authentichappiness.com! Feel free to take one, two or ten depending on how bored you are (but if you’re bored that counts against you on the happiness scale so maybe stick with one or two!)

Photo by my brothers beautiful and talented girlfriend Liz Ragland