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Buffalo Cheeseburger Tater Tot Casserole

This easy, cheesy Buffalo Cheeseburger Tater Tot Casserole is seriously the best! It’s made with ground beef, buffalo sauce and cheddar cheese, all in one pot, for a quick and simple recipe!

Buffalo cheeseburger tater tot casserole in blue cast iron skillet with red spatula lifting casserole out of skillet

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need more tater tots in my life. They’re delicious, crispy little bites of potato goodness that make you feel like a kid again. What’s not to love?!

What is the best way to get more tater tots in your life? A delicious, easy tater tot casserole, of course!

I decided to make my first tater tot casserole with buffalo sauce and cheese. Because let’s be real, buffalo cheesiness is my favorite!

I love buffalo cheesiness in pastas, like this Buffalo Chicken Cheesy Penne and this Buffalo Cheesy Tortellini. I love it in party food, like these Buffalo Cheesy Sausage Balls, and this Buffalo Cheesy Pizza Bread! I pretty much love buffalo cheesiness in everything!

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Gluten Free Taco Casserole

Taco seasoned turkey is layered with creamy polenta, sour cream, corn, salsa and cheese in this easy, gluten free taco casserole recipe, made in just 29 minutes!

Turkey Taco Casserole Recipe

Thanks to my friends at Jennie-O for sponsoring today’s post!

One of my favorite recipes on the blog is an Italian Turkey Polenta Casserole.  It’s one of my go-to weeknight recipes because it’s so easy to make and so flavorful!

This recipe inspired my latest gluten free dish, Turkey Polenta Taco Casserole, made with Jennie-O’s new Taco Seasoned Turkey Sausage.

This new product is gluten free, flavorful and great for making quick, easy and delicious meals, like this taco turkey casserole!

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Pulled Pork Tamale Casserole

Layers of corn masa, chipotle honey pulled pork, roasted poblano peppers & spicy cheddar cheese make up this delicious gluten free tamale casserole recipe.

Pulled Pork Tamale Casserole Recipe

Let me start this post by stating two facts:

  1. Tamales are really delicious.
  2. Tamales take a long time to make.

Given these two facts, I decided to combine my love of tamales with my love of simplifying recipes and make this totally scrumptious Pulled Pork Tamale Casserole!

All the deliciousness of a tamale without having to wrap up each individual tamale!

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Healthy Mexican Breakfast Casserole

This gluten free & healthy Mexican Breakfast Casserole combines layers of turkey sausage and eggs with sweet potato hash, spinach, cheese and salsa!

Healthy Mexican Breakfast Casserole Recipe

I love breakfast! Breakfast in the morning, breakfast in the evening, breakfast on a Monday, breakfast on a Sunday. Pretty much anytime I can get my hands on delicious breakfast food, I’m in!

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Portobello Mushroom & Brussels Sprouts Casserole

This portobello mushroom & brussels sprouts casserole is a fresh, healthy, gluten free alternative side dish to the traditional green bean casserole.

Portobello Mushroom Brussels Sprouts Casserole

It’s officially “Thanksgiving Week” on the blog!

Two weeks from today, the actual week of Thanksgiving will be here and I want to make sure you’re prepared with some delicious new recipes for the big feast!

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Mexican Chipotle Sweet Potato Casserole

This Mexican Chipotle Sweet Potato Casserole is a delicious and simple, vegan and gluten free recipe that could be eaten as a side dish or as an entree!

Mexican Chipotle Sweet Potato Casserole

There’s nothing I love more than a delicious slow cooked one pot meal that’s super easy to make and super healthy, which is why I’m totally obsessed with this new dish!

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Italian Polenta Turkey Casserole

Layers of creamy polenta, Italian seasoned turkey and balsamic roasted cherry tomatoes make up this delicious gluten free turkey casserole recipe!

Italian Polenta Turkey Casserole

This dish. This dish!!! Seriously, this dish y’all! 

Ok, I think you get my point, I’m obsessed with this dish! So simple, so much flavor!

But don’t take my word for it, one of my best friends came over for dinner last week and said, “this is the best thing I’ve ever eaten that you’ve made!”

Coming from someone who has eaten dozens of my recipes over the years, I took this as a huge compliment, and knew that I had a winner on my hands!

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Spicy Sausage Nacho Casserole

This gluten free Nacho Casserole recipe contains layers of scrumptious ingredients, like sausage, jalapenos, tortillas and cheese in a quick & easy recipe!

Spicy Sausage Nacho Casserole

I throw a lot of parties. Let’s be honest, I write a food blog for a living and love to play hostess so throwing parties is kind of my thing.

Twice a year my parties are taken to another level. Once at my Christmas/Birthday Cocktail Party, then again 2 months later at my annual Super Bowl Party.

For this years Super Bowl Party I decided to create a “Taco Bar” and serve four crock pots filled with delicious taco fillings including Buffalo Chicken, Chipotle Honey Pulled Pork, Vegetarian Fajita and Pineapple Sriracha Tri Tip.

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