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#54 Attend an NBA Playoff Game

What an exciting moment, the first check off the bucket list, and I couldn’t imagine a better one to start with!

As I flew back to my hometown of Edmond, Oklahoma on Sunday evening, my good friend and fellow crazed sports fan, Bradie, booked a plane ticket  for her first trip to the great state of Oklahoma to help me complete my first bucket list item!

She flew in Monday morning and the first item of business was well under way, get that girl some Thunder gear! Five shirts later, my Mom, myself and Bradie all had new Thunder gear for the game that night!

I ended up wearing four different Thunder shirts throughout the day! (Can you say wardrobe change much?!)

Following the Thunder shirt shopping spree Bradie and I headed straight for my favorite restaurant in OKC, Ted’s Cafe Escondido for the best frozen sangria I’ve ever had!

We then headed down to “Thunder Alley” which takes place before and during all Thunder games directly in front of the stadium. They have bounce houses and games for kids, plenty of photo ops and of course mingling with fellow Thunder fans!

After meeting up with some friends, getting our tickets and pre-gaming, it was time to Thunder Up, and they don’t call it “Loud City” for nothing!  The stadium was rocking all night!

I have to say that it is SO fun to be the fan of a team whose city is behind them 110%, you can barely go a block in OKC right now without seeing a Thunder flag, shirt, banner or painted building supporting the team!

Thunder pulled out a huge win over the Lakers to win the Round Two series 4:1 and advance to the Western Conference Finals against the San Antonio Spurs.

I am so excited that I actually get to check this bucket list item off TWICE because my good friend Garrick is taking me to Game 3 in OKC on Thursday night! Can’t wait to Thunder Up again in Loud City!

This also means I need another Thunder shirt… or 4 😉

I should probably call up my new friends at Fish Water Tees. The “Beat LA” shirt seen above was given to me after the game by the owner of the company who I met in the “Floor Seat Club”. If you want one for yourself, visit his site at www.FishWaterTees.com.

5 Favs in 5 Days – Take Two

Take two of my 5 favorite things from Mon-Fri was made a little easier with a trip back to Oklahoma! It’s always easier to find favorite things while on vacation!

My #5 favorite thing of the week…

I never understood my Mom’s obsession with ornaments, but as I begin to accumulate my own little collection I am starting to understand a little bit more. I get so much satisfaction each year I take my ornament’s out of their little boxes and place them on my Christmas tree. And thanks to Mom, I have a new guy to put on the tree this year!  The best running back of all time at the University of Oklahoma and now the Minnesota Vikings top running back, Adrian Peterson!  He will sit nicely on the tree next to my little Sooner and Charger players!

My #4 favorite thing of the week…

Every time I’m back home in Oklahoma, there a few things on the list that must be done every trip… 3 of those things will be included in this weeks “5 Favs” including the purchase of a new OU clothing item to add to my “Sooners Dresser”.  Yes, I have an entire dresser dedicated to OU clothing items… t-shirts, tanks, sweat pants, sweat shirts, boxers, if they make it, I own it!  My newest shirt involves one of the biggest rivalries in college football as well as a little irony for anyone who knows my ex-boyfriend and how that whole situation went down, a story you will surely see in a movie someday 😉 Wish I would have listened to the shirt before getting in that relationship!

My #3 favorite thing of the week…

Another Oklahoma trip ritual… dinner at Ted’s Cafe Escondido. Mexican food – Oklahoma style! While the bottomless chips, salsa, queso dip, spicy relish and tortillas are a huge selling point, my favorite part of every visit to Ted’s is their Frozen Sangria. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Best Sangria Ever! Yes, I do have the authority to name this the best Sangria ever because I am a Sangria connoisseur. Every restaurant, bar, drinking establishment I visit that offers this tasty combination of fruit, wine and liquor (what’s not to love!), I put it to my “Sangria Connoisseur” test and this is the BEST Sangria ever!

My #2 favorite thing of the week…

New boots! So I’ve been on the look out for a pair of flat motor-cycle style boots… and apparently I found exactly what I was looking for!  Upon arrival in Oklahoma in my new boots my Dad said I looked like I was “going for a ride on a motor-cycle” perfect, haha!  I picked up these gems for only $50 at Charlotte Russe! Been wearing them for over a week straight, so comfortable and go with everything!  Love the orange detail surrounding the zipper, totally on trend for the season!

My #1 favorite thing of the week…

SHELLAC! The revolutionary new combination of nail polish and gels has changed my life!  After blogging last week in my “5 Favs” about my amazing new nail polish, it began to chip 2 days later and my newly “freed from acrylics” natural nails began to crack and something that made me so happy just a few short days before made me so sad. Then, another one of my Oklahoma trip rituals,  a visit to my family’s long time nail girl Amberlea introduced me to Shellac! No chipping, no cracking, no dry time, just a super shiny finish and easy breezy nails for 2 weeks! I got mine done 6 days ago and they are still perfect!