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Spinach Feta Mini Pies

Savory mini pies, also known as hand pies or picnic pies, are filled with a delicious vegetarian mixture of spinach and feta cheese and are perfect for serving as an appetizer, picnic snack or party hors d’oeuvre!

Spinach Feta Mini Pies with Puff Pastry Criss Cross Crust

Raise your hand if you love picnics! Living in San Diego with almost perfect weather year-round, we love doing picnics at the beach and the parks in our neighborhood.

Sometimes, we wrap up Chicken Fajita Burritos and take those on our picnic (so very So Cal of us!), other times we just grab a baguette, cheese, crackers and fruit and make it a charcuterie plate picnic and sometimes we invite friends and make it a potluck picnic, which is perfect for bringing these mini pies, also known as picnic pies (fitting!) or hand pies. Basically they’re an individual, hand-held pie that’s easy to transport!

Mini pies can be sweet or savory and since I’ve already made recipes for sweet Strawberry Mini Pies and Cranberry Pomegranate Mini Pies, I decided to go savory for these picnic pies!

Read the full recipe here!