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Adventures in Food Truck-ing

Food and truck were not 2 words I believed belonged together. Ice cream and cookie dough, match made in heaven. Bread and cheese, meant to be grilled. Food: something that should be prepared in a kitchen and served on a table. Truck: something people should drive in Oklahoma and should NOT drive in LA! But a skeptic no more, today I am a food truck believer after attending Melrose Night in West Hollywood. The first Thursday of every month Melrose Ave hosts about a dozen of the most popular Los Angeles food trucks and makes skeptics such as myself into believers of the food truck revolution!

Because of my previous food truck skepticism I had missed the memo on this amazing event that literally happens outside my front door. It’s like the fair, but only a few things are fried, the food is fancier and you don’t have to deal with a million screaming children (no offense to you parents out there, much respect, I just like to hear the sound the food makes when it hits my mouth!)  The event runs from 6-10, but being the food obsessed person I am, of course I planned my whole night around the event! I began at 6:30 so that I could see the trucks in all their glory in the light of day and long into the dark of night! There was of course a plan of attack as well.

  1. Survey the area: basically just make a lap up and down each side of the street to see what we’re working with
  2. Observe the masses: while surveying the area be sure to take note of what you hear and what you see, basically the “word on the streets”, which trucks are people talking about, which trucks have the longest lines, etc.
  3. No “Stranger Danger” here: Remember that from kindergarten, well it does not apply here. At many times I approached strangers, pried my little face in their paper basket of yumminess to see what was going on in there and most people were more than happy to give me their reviews on the different food trucks which helped guide me to my next step. (I thought about asking people if I could take pictures of their food but even in LA that might have seemed a little strange to some individuals!)
  4. Get the party started: Ok folks, seriously, how long did you think I was going to walk around here without eating anything?? My first victim of delicious devourment was a cheese steak Sammich from “the bun truck” (no jokes about my booty here!) This was a suggestion from a couple of those innocent strangers I bombarded in step 3.  Um amazing! The aioli on this Sammich was so scrumptious, along with the hot peppers, perfection!
  5. Plan your attack: so the first lap has been made, surveying of menus, lines and innocent by standards has been conducted, the first bite of savory deliciousness has been consumed, it’s time to make a plan. As much as I would love to eat 3-4 items from each of the 12 trucks (each menu consists of app. 6 items) my belly will not allow so I have to narrow down the playing field and pick my top choices. That taco truck across the street looked interesting, let’s start there. So 6 different kinds of tacos you say, lets see 6 ÷ 5 + 1…. wait 4 for $10, sold!  Asian Marinated Chicken, Fish N’Grapes, Blazin’ Shrimp and Java. Chicken and Fish topped the list at this stop! After digging into these little guys it was time for something sweet! On to the Pie ‘N Burger truck.   A little slice of Dutch Apple in my life sounds good right about now!    So it may appear from this picture that I just stole this piece of pie from the pie fridge behind me but I swear I didn’t, I’m just very caught off guard by the paparazzi that keeps taking pictures of me eating food lol.   It is now time for your last step in the Adventures of Food Truck-ing.    
  6. Assess stomach room availability and choose your last culinary victim. Will it be the red velvet pancake bites from the “Buttermilk” breakfast truck?  Could I possibly find room for an entire lobsta roll from “The Lobsta Truck”? Maybe my final quest will be to take on the Cheesecake Cuties with blueberry sauce from the “Cheeseball Wagon”? Oh no, this ice-cream loving, food truck-ing girl is heading for a true culinary quest. I have 6 words for you… brown-butter-candied-bacon-ice-cream, yes, that. just. happened.

I would like to take this time to thank my partner-in-crime during this incredible adventure, my bff Erin, for taking enough pictures of me eating food to last a life time and indulging in the delicious discovery that was Melrose Night!