Pulling up to the Caprino Royale farm is like pulling into an adult petting zoo. We were greeted at the door with a glass of wine, excited doggies, chickens running everywhere, cock-a-doodle-doing roosters and a 10 day old baby goat.

Now that is my kind of welcoming!

Although I grew up in Oklahoma, we were definitely more city folk than country folk, there were no goats, cows, pigs or roaming buffaloes in our back yard.

The closest thing we had to wildlife were some goldfish I bought at Walmart!

When I started planning my “Summer Blogging Adventure” I knew I wanted to take some time in Oklahoma and Texas to see where the meat and dairy I was consuming came from.

I was given my first opportunity to do so when I met Eric Tippit. I knew it was meant to be, when he told me his farm was named after the James Bond movie Casino Royale. My name is Whitney Bond y’all! Eric invited me out to his farm and the rest is goat milking history!

It’s amazing how much your level of appreciation for food rises after visiting a farm. There are about 1,000 components that go into making that little block of goat cheese for your favorite dish.

From feeding the goats to milking the goats to turning that milk into cheese and the hundred things that come in-between each one, these farmers are working around the clock, 365 days out of the year to make the cheese we all love so much!

At Caprino Royale, husband and wife team Eric and Karen are taking things to a whole new level with the time and love they give to their goats.

As a consumer of food, we should all know where our food is coming from and what we’re putting in our bodies.

I believe in eating meat and dairy, I’m not a vegetarian or vegan.  With that said, I do believe in buying local meat and dairy from farmers that treat their animals with love and respect.  I believe you can taste the love put into the animals, just how you can taste the love I put into all of the dishes I create! And if love is a key ingredient in great cheese, than Caprino Royale may just have the best cheese out there!

Each goat is called by name and fed and milked individually twice a day, yeah that’s 24 goats each given individual love and attention = 5 hours of milking and feeding a day!

That’s 35 hours per week, that’s 1,825 hours per year, just for the milking and feeding, we haven’t even gotten to the actual cheese making yet!

While I was at the farm they let me attempt to milk one of the goats… and this happened!

Well now that we’ve all had a good laugh for the day, lets meet some of my farm favorites!

This little guy was only 10 days old and so sweet!

He was so cute and playful, I could have just hung with him all day and been so happy… but he needed his rest!

While he rested, the other kids came to play!

And for my favorite picture of the day…

Thank you so much to Karen and Eric for introducing me to all the goats and a special thanks to Cachet the goat for allowing me to attempt my first goat milking experience on her!

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