Restaurant-Style Indian Butter Paneer

Restaurant-Style Indian Butter Paneer

Ingredients you'll need

Ingredients you'll need

Cook diced onions in butter and oil.

Add garlic ginger paste.

Add garam masala, chili powder, turmeric, salt, cardamon powder and ground cumin.

Add lemon juice, crushed tomatoes and cashews.

Simmer the sauce, then remove it from the heat and blend it into a puree.

Add the pureed sauce back to the pan on the stove over medium heat.

Stir in vegetable broth and sugar. Crush fenugreek leaves in your hand and add them to the pan.

Bring the sauce to a simmer, then add cubed paneer.

Stir in heavy cream and butter to finish the dish.

Use this recipe for Instant Pot Basmati Rice to serve with the dish.

Also add naan on the side for dipping.

Create a delicious, vegetarian Indian dish at home in just 35 minutes!