Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins with Chocolate Crumble

Fresh blueberries and luscious cream cheese are combined in these delicious blueberry cream cheese muffins, topped with a scrumptious chocolate crumble!

Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins with Chocolate Crumble

Growing up, and still to this day, Blueberry Muffins are one of my favorite breakfast menu items! I took this version of the classic muffin to a whole other level, possibly to a whole other menu!

These blueberry cream cheese muffins are so decadent, they could easily be mistaken for dessert (or if you are me, 3 nights last week, they actually were dessert!)  Yeah, I just admitted that 😉

When I took these muffins out of the oven, the blueberry was bubbling out of the chocolate crumble topping and my mouth immediately began to water!

While I will always love my Bacon Maple Brown Sugar Muffins, they are now tied for first place with these delicious little treats!

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Sous Vide BBQ Chicken

Sous vide chicken is so easy to make and creates the most juicy and tender chicken you’ll ever eat! Vacuum seal the chicken with BBQ sauce and toss it in the sous vide for 90 minutes to create a delicious meal!

Sous Vide Sliced BBQ Chicken

Today’s post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of FoodSaver®; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

A couple of years ago I introduced my first sous vide recipe, Italian Flank Steak with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, since then I’ve shared recipes for Sous Vide Sliders, Sous Vide Turkey Breast and Sous Vide Chipotle Apple Pork Loin.

Needless to say, the sous vide has been a game changer in our weeknight meal prep and today I’m introducing another game changer to the blog, FoodSaver® Sous-vide Vacuum Seal Bags and the FoodSaver® FM2000 Vacuum Sealing System.

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Strawberry Watermelon Wine Slushies

These 3 ingredient Strawberry Watermelon White Wine Slushies are easy to blend up for parties, pool side cocktails or happy hour anytime! This refreshing cocktail recipe is made in just 5 minutes, so you can quickly get to sipping!

Strawberry Watermelon Wine Slushies in Watermelon

It’s summertime y’all and wine slushies are all the rage! I already shared a recipe for Lemon Berry White Wine Slushies and now I’m combining two of my favorite summer fruits, watermelon and strawberries, in this refreshing new slushie recipe!

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Grilled Chorizo Stuffed Bell Peppers

Flavorful chorizo, crisp corn, black beans, juicy tomatoes and delicious chilies are added to these Grilled Stuffed Bell Peppers, for one scrumptious, gluten free meal!

Grilled Stuffed Bell Peppers filled with Chorizo, Cotija Cheese and Cilantro

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Stuffed Peppers are one of my go-to gluten free meals, whether they’re filled with Buffalo Chicken, Spicy Eggplant, Italian Ground Turkey and Mushrooms or Chorizo, Corn and Black Beans, I love how easy they are to make and toss in the oven, slow cooker or on the grill!

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Grilled Romaine Chopped Salad with Honey Lime Dressing

Grilled romaine topped with fresh, juicy tomatoes, black beans, grilled corn and peppers, creamy avocado, crispy tortillas and a delicious honey lime dressing creates the most flavorful chopped salad, that’s also vegetarian & gluten free!

Vegetarian Grilled Romaine Chopped Salad topped with Tomatoes, Corn, Black Beans and Avocado

If it’s wrong to put all of the things on a salad, then I don’t want to be right! I seriously can’t get enough of these seriously topped salads, like this Spinach Kale Salad topped with dates, quinoa, pistachios and roasted butternut squash, this Spinach Arugula Salad topped with strawberries, crispy goat cheese, avocados and almonds,  this Cobb Salad topped with Cajun Turkey, tomatoes, pepper jack cheese, onions and avocado, or this Israeli Couscous Salad topped with avocado, cilantro, pomegranate seeds and goat cheese.

See, I was totally serious about all of the things on top of my salads! And this Grilled Romaine Salad is no exception to the rule, it’s actually the most topped salad of them all, piled high with juicy tomatoes, grilled corn, crispy tortilla strips, creamy goat cheese, fresh avocado, protein rich black beans and roasted bell peppers and jalapenos.

While I’ve served this salad as a side dish with Beef Barbacoa Tacos, Chipotle Lime Chicken Fajita Skewers and Cheesy Avocado and Corn Enchiladas, this salad can definitely be a meal on it’s own!

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