Banana Date Protein Shake

Grab a healthy Banana Protein Shake post workout! This recipe combines bananas, dates, peanut butter & protein powder for one delicious & easy recipe!

Banana protein shake in two glasses sitting on white marble tray with gold and white striped straws and peeled banana in background

Was one of your new years resolutions to amp up your workouts? If so, then I’m guessing you’re looking for the perfect post-workout protein shake.

Luckily for you, I’m giving you that exact recipe today!

This shake packs over 50% of your daily protein needs with 38 grams of protein. It is also vegan, making it perfect for those that need extra protein in their normal diets!

I like to use this Vega One Coconut Almond Vegan Protein Powder in this protein shake. The flavors of the coconut and almond pair perfectly with the coconut milk and almond milk in this recipe!

This protein shake is so delicious, you’ll think you’re drinking a milkshake! Luckily for you, this milkshake is vegan, gluten free and packed with essential nutrients, protein, vitamins and potassium!

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Cheesy Baked Taco Dip

The ultimate cheesy baked taco dip is an easy appetizer made with layers of cream cheese, taco seasoned ground beef or turkey, beans, salsa & guacamole!

Baked taco dip in a cast iron skillet, sitting on a wood cutting board with a bowl of chips in the background, sitting on a red and white striped towel

Hello Taco Tuesday!  Let’s turn this taco party up a notch today with a seriously delicious dip!

For this recipe, I took the idea of the classic 7 Layer Dip, then kicked it up a notch!

While cold dips can be great, there’s really nothing like the taste of a warm, cheesy dip coming out of the oven and straight onto a chip!

Buffalo Chicken Dip, Chipotle Pulled Pork Dip, Green Chili Queso Dip and Buffalo Cheeseburger Dip are just a few of my warm, cheesy dip favorites!

This Cheesy Baked Taco Dip is absolutely perfect for a party, pot luck or the ultimate game day, Super Bowl Sunday! My friends love this recipe and request it every time I throw a party!

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Gluten Free Chinese Honey Chicken

This Chinese Honey Chicken Recipe is healthier and better than takeout. It’s easy to make at home in only 29 minutes, and it’s one of the best gluten free recipes ever!

Pieces of Chinese Honey Chicken in white bowl with white rice, garnished with chopped green onions and sesame seeds with brown chopsticks sitting on the side of the bowl

A lot of inspiration for new recipe creation comes from suggestions by friends or family members. “Oh hey, I really love this dish, but can you make it healthier?” or “I’ve been looking for a good recipe for this or that.”

When it comes to gluten free recipe inspiration, I always turn to my brother, Tyler. He is gluten-intolerant and my original inspiration for adding gluten free recipes to the blog!

While on a recent road trip together, I asked my brother what new gluten free recipes he’d like to see on the blog. He said that he would love to see a Chinese Honey Chicken Recipe, as his favorite recipe of all time on the blog is this Gluten Free Orange Chicken.

His wish is my command! Today I’m excited to introduce this Gluten Free Chinese Honey Chicken recipe with a delicious honey sauce. It’s guaranteed to become a new family favorite!

This delicious recipe is very lightly pan fried in olive oil, instead of deep fried. It’s lightly battered in cornstarch, instead of flour, making it a healthier, lighter, and of course, gluten free version of the Chinese Honey Chicken you would get from your local takeout spot!

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Whole30 Italian Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Baked Italian Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms are filled with ground turkey & cherry tomatoes, creating an easy, healthy, low carb & whole30 approved recipe!

Stuffed portobello mushrooms filled with ground turkey, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil leaves sitting on round wood cutting board with red and white striped towel in background

Portobello mushrooms are my jam! I like to slice them up and add them to Grilled Vegetable Paninis or dice them up and add them to this Brussels Sprout Casserole.

Today though, they’re the star of the show! These Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms are filled with Italian seasoned ground turkey and cherry tomatoes, then baked in the oven for an easy meal that’s both healthy and flavorful!

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Blueberry Pastry Delights

This Blueberry Pastry recipe is guaranteed to make your mornings more delicious! It’s easy to make with a can of crescent rolls, cream cheese & blueberries!

Blueberry pastry made with crescent roll dough, sitting on wood and marble cutting board with fresh blueberries on the side and behind

No berry makes my heart pitter-patter quite like the blueberry!  Little bites of happiness, I pop these blue treats like they’re M&M’s!

Making Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins is a regular weekend occurrence at my house and these Gluten Free Blueberry Oat Bars are a must when my brother and sister in law come for a visit!

I was inspired to make this Blueberry Pastry recipe after having what I lovingly nicknamed “blueberry delights” at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach. When I lived in LA, my friend Christian managed the hotel and my friend Greg was the chef.  I loved frequenting their brunch,  mainly for these little blueberry pastry treats!

They may just be Blueberry Pastries to everyone else, but to me they will always be Blueberry Delights! 🙂

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