Crock Pot Creamed Corn

Crock Pot Creamed Corn is a family favorite, that’s so easy to make! This delicious side dish takes only 5 minutes to prep, then the slow cooker does the rest of the work! My family adds a simple secret ingredient that makes this the BEST Creamed Corn ever!

It’s perfect for easy weeknight dinners, holiday meals & summer BBQs! Free up space in your oven on Thanksgiving by serving this Creamed Corn right from the slow cooker. You can use white or yellow corn, frozen or canned corn, making this recipe both easy & versatile!

Creamed corn in serving dish with wooden spoon

Creamy, buttery corn, what could be better in life? Not much I tell you, not much! My family has been making this Creamed Corn recipe for as long as I can remember. It’s so easy to make, we serve it year-round with a variety of different meals!

Creamed corn is the perfect side for your summer BBQ, Mexican fiesta or Thanksgiving dinner. It’s an incredibly versatile side dish and did I mention that it only takes 5 minutes to prep? Yay for slow cookers that do almost all of the work for you!

It’s day 5 of Thanksgiving week here on the blog and I’m so excited to share this Bond family favorite recipe. It’s an easy side dish that doesn’t take up any extra room in the oven. This makes it perfect for Thanksgiving when oven space is at a premium!

This week has been filled with so many amazing sides and main dishes for Thanksgiving dinner. Let’s check out what’s on the menu this year!

So many tasty recipes, which ones will you add to your Thanksgiving menu? Comment below and let me know!

Now let’s make some creamed corn!

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Green Beans with Bacon, Pecans & Blue Cheese

Say goodbye to boring, plain green beans & hello to these AMAZING green beans with bacon, pecans & blue cheese! This easy stove top recipe is made in just 15 minutes with fresh green beans, crispy bacon & candied pecans!

It’s the perfect side to pair with pork, chicken or turkey. Try it with this Garlic Herb Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast or this Balsamic Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin. Because doubling up on bacon goodness is ALWAYS a good idea!

Fresh cooked green beans in serving bowl topped with crumbled bacon, pecans and blue cheese

Anyone else here grow up on canned green beans? We ate A LOT of canned green beans growing up, except at my grandma’s house. For the most part, I loved Meme’s cooking, but I always dreaded the green beans at her house, because they were “different” than what we had at home. And by “different” I mean fresh!

It wasn’t until years later that I started cooking fresh green beans at my house and realized just how delicious they could be. Especially when covered in blue cheese, bacon & candied pecans! 😉 This easy and delicious recipe for green beans can be served anytime of the year, but they’re particularly tasty as part of a Thanksgiving feast!

It’s day 4 of Thanksgiving week on the blog and I’m SO EXCITED to share this green bean recipe. It’s the perfect side for your Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving celebration.

It only takes 15 minutes to make so you can easily toss it together right before dinner time! I’ll also give you some tips below for how to prep the recipe ahead of time.

If you’re not a huge fan of green bean casserole, but still want to make an easy side dish with green beans, then this is the recipe you’ve been searching for!

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Smoked Turkey Breast

This Smoked Turkey Breast recipe will change your life! It creates the most TENDER & JUICY turkey breast you’ve ever eaten. And it’s easy to make with a quick brine, rub & smoke!

This recipe is perfect for a small Thanksgiving meal, but is also easy enough to toss on the smoker for a weekend dinner anytime of the year! Pair it with Rosemary Blue Cheese Mashed Potatoes and a Butternut Squash Spinach Kale Salad for the perfect meal!

Slices of smoked turkey breast meat on plate with fresh herbs

Oh my gosh, yes! That’s all I have to say about this Smoked Turkey Breast recipe.

Okay, maybe I have a few more things to say, but seriously, everyone who eats this turkey has the same reaction. “This is the best turkey I’ve ever eaten!”

The secret to the juiciness? Brining the turkey and basting it with butter throughout the smoking process. Oh yes I did!

From the flavor of the rub, combined with the flavor of the smoke, to the buttery goodness basted over the turkey, I guarantee you won’t find a tastier turkey breast recipe out there!

It’s Thanksgiving week here on the blog and so far I’ve shared a couple of my favorite side dishes. But now it’s time to share an epic new recipe for the main dish, the Thanksgiving turkey!

If you’re hosting a smaller get together for Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, a turkey breast is the perfect size for 4-6 people. Even with a larger party, if you don’t want to mess with cooking and carving a whole turkey, I highly recommend smoking 2 or 3 turkey breasts. You’ll knock the socks off of your guests by showing them just how delicious white meat can be!

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Gluten Free Stuffing

Gluten Free Stuffing has all the flavor of traditional cornbread stuffing, without the gluten! It’s the perfect easy side dish for Thanksgiving dinner or any gluten free meal!

Serve it on the side of a Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast or Cranberry Glazed Turkey for a wonderfully flavorful meal!

Gluten free cornbread stuffing in roasting pan with spoon and fresh thyme sprigs

When you have a family member that’s gluten intolerant, planning your Thanksgiving menu might seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! My brother was diagnosed gluten intolerant in 2012 and my family has now perfected the gluten free Thanksgiving menu!

Today is day two of Thanksgiving week on the blog and guess what? All 6 recipes that I’m sharing this week are gluten free! You can literally plan an entire gluten free menu just from these recipes. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got on the menu!

This gluten free cornbread stuffing recipe is the same stuffing recipe that my family has been making for decades. We simply swapped in gluten free white bread and gluten free cornbread.

The key to the perfect gluten free stuffing? The bread to liquid ratio. Gluten free baked goods tend to dry out more than their glutenous counterparts. So for this recipe, I add more chicken broth than my families traditional stuffing recipe.

Over the years I’ve found that stuffing preferences can really vary from family to family. The stuffing I grew up on was more on the dry side, while Kurt’s family stuffing is more on the wet side. The great thing about this gluten free stuffing recipe is that it can easily be adjusted to your taste preferences.

Prefer an extra moist stuffing? Add more chicken broth. Looking for a drier stuffing, use less chicken broth. It’s easy to check the stuffing while it’s baking to adjust the liquid ratio as necessary.

Want to make this gluten free stuffing vegetarian as well? No problem! Simply use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth to make the recipe.

This gluten free stuffing recipe is both versatile and flavorful! Make it your own and serve it at Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving or your next holiday meal. It’s also easy enough to make as a side dish for dinner throughout the year. Just be sure if you’re only making it for 4-6 people that you cut the recipe in half!

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Stuffed Acorn Squash with Cranberries & Brussels Sprouts

Stuffed Acorn Squash, filled with roasted brussels sprouts & cranberries, is a flavorful, beautiful dish. This recipe is also easy to make, healthy, gluten free & whole 30 approved!

Make it as a main dish for a delicious fall dinner or serve it as a side dish with your Thanksgiving or holiday meal!

stuffed acorn squash half filled with roasted brussels sprouts and cranberries

It’s Thanksgiving Week y’all! My favorite week of the year where I share delicious main dishes, side dishes and desserts for your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving meal.

Let’s check out what’s on the menu this year!

If you’re looking for a tasty Thanksgiving appetizer, check out this Butternut Squash Bruschetta. And for a delicious cocktail, check out this Cranberry Apple Sangria. For even more Thanksgiving inspiration, check out my Top 15 Thanksgiving Recipes. I update this list every year to include the MOST POPULAR recipes on the blog for Thanksgiving dinner!

When it comes to side dishes, I love traditional stuffing and mashed potatoes, but I like mixing up the vegetable sides each year. This roasted acorn squash, filled with brussels sprouts, cranberries and pancetta is a GORGEOUS side dish to serve at Thanksgiving dinner. And you never have to tell anyone how easy it was to make!

Simply roast the squash on one sheet pan and the filling on another sheet pan. Remove both from the oven and spoon the filling into the squash. Voila, a simple, beautiful side dish is served!

This stuffed acorn squash recipe is also perfect for those with dietary needs around the holidays. It’s already gluten free, dairy free and whole 30 approved. And it’s very easy to make vegan by simply omitting the pancetta.

In addition to being the perfect side dish for a holiday meal, this stuffed acorn squash is also a delicious main dish for weeknight dinners during the fall and winter months. It only takes 10 minutes to prep, so your hands-on time is minimal and the result is a healthy, delicious dinner! Friends and family will love this recipe no matter when you serve it, I guarantee it!

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