Veggie Enchiladas with Mushrooms & Squash

Fill up on vegetables in the MOST DELICIOUS way with these Veggie Enchiladas, stuffed with mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash & homemade red sauce! This recipe is gluten free, vegetarian and easy to make in under an hour!

Serve these enchiladas with Creamy Avocado Salsa on top and Mexican Rice on the side for a complete, delicious meal!

Enchiladas with red sauce in white casserole baking dish

Saucy tortillas stuffed with a yummy filling and topped with cheese, now that’s my kind of meal! I’ve been a huge fan of enchiladas since I was a kid. Beef enchiladas with red sauce have been on my families menu for as long as I can remember.

As an adult, I’ve switched up the enchilada game to include Chicken Enchiladas and Cheesy Corn & Avocado Enchiladas. Also, Creamy Sriracha Beef Enchiladas and even PUMPKIN Enchiladas! It might sound crazy, but it’s just so crazy it works!

These Mushroom Squash Veggie Enchiladas are another example of how easy it is to make delicious vegetarian enchiladas. Simply simmer the homemade red sauce, sauté the veggies, then roll them up in corn tortillas and top them with cheese.

If you’re really in a hurry, you can purchase a jar of pre-made red enchilada sauce. But I highly recommend spending an extra 10 minutes to make the flavorful homemade enchilada sauce if you can!

Even when making your own sauce, it only takes 30 minutes of prep time to get these enchiladas in the oven. And in under an hour, dinner is on the table! Winner winner, veggie dinner!

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Ground Turkey Gyros

If you’re craving a gyro but don’t have a vertical rotisserie at home, try this recipe for Greek Tacos instead! It has all of the delicious flavors of a gyro. Greek spiced ground turkey with cucumber tomato salsa and feta cheese in warm pita bread! Best part is, it’s quick and easy to make in just 29 minutes!

Gyro on plate with ground turkey meat and tomato cucumber salsa

While this is not a traditional taco or a traditional gyro, it’s a wonderful fusion of the two. And it’s TOTALLY DELICIOUS!

I’ve been making these “Greek Tacos” for years now. And it’s still one of the recipes I get most excited to make. The combination of flavors and textures is on point!

A gyro is traditionally made with meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Since I’m guessing most of you don’t have a vertical rotisserie hanging in your kitchen, I’m bringing the flavor to your stovetop. I used ground turkey in this recipe, but ground lamb or ground beef can be used for a more traditional gyro.

The meat is topped with a tomato cucumber salsa, which I could seriously eat by the spoonful! It’s so light, fresh and flavorful, and perfect on these tacos. Then of course I finish it off with crumbly, salty feta cheese, a squeeze of lemon juice and some fresh mint. Like I said, flavor combination, on point!

Over the years I’ve also added tzatziki sauce and hummus to these gyros. Both are great additions to the dish. But I’m updating the recipe to now say that tzatziki sauce is a MUST on these gyros! The light, creamy, greek yogurt sauce really ties the entire gyro experience together.

So much flavor packed into a recipe that’s easily made in 29 minutes, winning!

I made this recipe on San Diego 6 News years ago. One of the anchors said she still makes it for her family all of the time. She said it’s one of their favorite meals! I guarantee it will become one of yours too!

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Chicken Enchilada Casserole

You’re going to LOVE this Chicken Enchilada Casserole recipe, made with THE BEST creamy avocado green enchilada sauce! It’s gluten free & easy to make in under 30 minutes! Quinoa adds fiber and protein to this healthy, simple recipe.

Serve your new favorite Mexican dish topped with fresh Pico De Gallo or Creamy Avocado Salsa!

Enchilada casserole in orange baking dish with wooden spoon

All the deliciousness of enchiladas in an easy layered casserole, sign me up! Add in my favorite creamy avocado sauce and you’ve got a winning dinner in under 30 minutes!

The sauce in this casserole really is the star of the show. The first recipe where I introduced the world to this amazing avocado sauce was this recipe for Mexican Stuffed Shells. I really love finding any excuse to crossover Mexican and Italian food!

I then added the avocado green enchilada sauce to these Chicken Enchiladas.  A more classic take on enchiladas and totally delicious! In 2014, I added the sauce to this Taco Pasta Bake. Another Mexican pasta fusion dish, that is still one of my favorite recipes on the blog!

Needless to say, I love this sauce! I love the flavor of it, but I also love how easy it is to make this great recipe! Just toss all the ingredients for the sauce in a blender or food processor. (I use my NutriBullet, because I’m totally obsessed with this kitchen gadget!) Blend and voila, your sauce is ready to go!

For this enchilada casserole recipe, I mixed the sauce with quinoa and shredded chicken for a nutritious meal. Each serving of this chicken enchilada casserole provides 25 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber and is only 443 calories.

Healthy, easy AND delicious, this is one enchilada casserole you’re going to want to eat over and over again!

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Trader Joe’s Tacos

Picking up groceries at Trader Joe’s & need some dinner ideas? Try these ground beef Trader Joe’s Tacos! They’re inexpensive and easy to make in just 15 minutes!

I’m also sharing how to make the recipe gluten free and vegetarian with simple Trader Joe’s substitutions!

Ground beef tacos with avocado and tomatoes

Ground beef tacos were a staple in my house growing up. They were quick and easy and something the entire family loved. Luckily Kurt shares my families love of ground beef tacos. So they still make it in the regular menu rotation at our house.

When I’m in a pinch and need something quick and easy for dinner, I stop at Trader Joe’s and grab the ingredients for my favorite ground beef tacos. Crunchy lettuce, creamy avocado and Trader Joe’s Hatch Chili Salsa are key to the best ground beef tacos!

Before I started making my own Taco Seasoning at home, Trader Joe’s Taco Seasoning was my go-to. It contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives and it’s gluten free.

Trader Joe’s Taco Seasoning packets contain sea salt, cumin, cayenne pepper, cane sugar, paprika, onion, garlic, black pepper, red bell pepper, oregano, chili pepper and smoked paprika. Yay for ingredients we know and love!

Making these ground beef tacos from Trader Joe’s is also cost effective. Everything needed for these tacos can be purchased for $13.13. This recipe serves 4 so that comes out to $3.28 per person! Affordable, easy to make and delicious, a winning combo!

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Buffalo Chicken Tacos

Shredded chicken tossed with tangy buffalo sauce, tucked inside warm tortillas, topped with a creamy cilantro lime sauce, life doesn’t get much better than these Buffalo Chicken Tacos!

This easy recipe is made in just 29 minutes, perfect for weeknight dinners! Take these tacos to an entire other level of buffalo sauciness by serving them with Buffalo Queso Dip!

Three buffalo chicken tacos on white plate with side small bowl of buffalo sauce

Over the years, I’ve been given the nickname “The Queen of Buffalo Sauce”. My love of the hot sauce has been apparent since day one on the blog. This recipe for Buffalo Chicken Cheesy Penne was one of the first recipes I ever posted on the blog. And it was the first of dozens of buffalo sauce recipes that I would share over the years.

Buffalo sauce is flavorful, tangy and low in calories, vegan and gluten free (most brands!) making it a healthy sauce choice. I generally use Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce. I love the flavor and it’s vegan, gluten free and contains ZERO calories!

In this recipe, I’m using buffalo sauce to make homemade Buffalo Chicken Tacos. What’s not to love? First and foremost, they’re tacos and I’ve yet to meet a taco I didn’t love! Second, they’re saucy, flavorful, quick and easy to make!

I served the tacos topped with pepper jack cheese, slaw and creamy cilantro lime sauce. But the great thing about tacos is that you can make them your own. Swap out the pepper jack cheese for blue cheese or the cilantro lime sauce for ranch dressing. Add some avocado or shredded lettuce instead of the slaw.

No matter how you top these tacos, I guarantee they’ll be a hit in your kitchen!

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