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🍀 NEW!! Homemade Corned Beef (from scratch!) 🍀

Get ready for St Patrick’s Day by grabbing this recipe for Corned Beef! It’s made with the best corned beef seasoning, a 5 day brine in the fridge, then cooked in the oven or a Crock Pot! 

While it takes some advance planning (put it in the brine on March 12 to cook it on St Patrick’s Day!) it’s actually really easy to make and SO flavorful!

Even if you skip the brine and buy a corned beef at the grocery store, you can still use this recipe for the seasoning and cooking methods to make it deliciously easy!

Also, don’t forget to make extra and use the leftovers to make my famous Reuben sandwich and corned beef hash!

Find the full recipe here: or comment below with “corned beef recipe” and I’ll send it directly to you! 📩

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