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The Great Moose Hunt of 2011

No, I’m not talking about the hunting where you use big guns and wear camouflage pants with bright orange vests, I’m talking about setting out on an adventure with the family into the great outdoors of Colorado just to spot one of the cute, furry critters!

One week ago I was helping my brother move into his new digs in ColoradoĀ Springs when my family decided we would go for an adventure up Pikes Peak, I began to see signs everywhere for deer crossings and big foot crossings.

Then Mom and I began to make friends with these little furry fellas, lets just call them Chip and Dale šŸ˜‰

I was now on a mission to really make myself one with the outdoors and take this time to see as many animals in theirĀ  natural habitat as possible. (The closest I getĀ to this in LA are theĀ  littleĀ gophers that come out to peak at me while I’m in downward facing dog during yoga at Runyon Canyon!)

Anyway, I digress, so back to my mission: animals! But not just any animals, I was on a Moose hunting mission! Don’t ask me why, I have no idea, I just really felt the need to see a moose.Ā  They’re furry, they have antlers, this one looks like it’s smiling at me…

You get the appeal, right? Kind of?Ā  Well I don’t care, it’s my mooseĀ hunt missionĀ and I’ll moose mission if I want to šŸ™‚ Needless to say I spent 4 days in Colorado and no Moose sightings :-/ I went home sad, but not defeated, oh no because these days we have the wonderful, amazing, majestical… GOOGLE!

With three magical words: MOOSE IN COLORADO, I find a link that may fulfill my moose hunt mission! State Forest State Park (why the double state in the name? Is that really necessary?) Once again, that’s besides the point, claimed to be “the moose viewing capital of Colorado, with over 600 moose to be observed year-round” I’ve found my spot!

Stayed tuned for my next trip to Colorado and to the Moose viewing capital… I will not rest until IĀ  see those furry little antlers in personĀ and complete myĀ moose hunt mission!

welcome to little leopard book

Over the years I’ve had websites and blogs and Facebooks and Twitters… but I finally decided I wanted a blog where I can write about whatever I want!

The title “little leopard book” came from this fuzzy littleĀ leopard gemĀ I have been carrying around with me for years, jotting down everything from new recipes to workout routines, encouraging quotes and new business ideas. In an effort to keep myself sane in the insane city of LA I am writing to all of you with my thoughts, inquiries, ideas, adventuresĀ and to make you really jealous of my roommates who get to eat my food šŸ™‚

Little Leopard Book