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Anniversaries, Adventures and Announcements

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Today I celebrate the one year anniversary of LLB, and what a year it has been! What started as a virtual place to write down my stories, ideas and recipes, has turned into an entrepreneurial culinary endeavor.

Over the past year my top two posts were A Girl with a Plan, a Blog and a Craving for Adventure and my Summer Adventure Travel Schedule. I’m so excited that people were interested in my “Summer Adventure” and got involved!  Look for an upcoming post re-capping the entire adventure! Coming in at number three was my post on How to Make Canvas Wall Art.  Leave it to Pinterest to make one of the top posts on a food blog, a post about a DIY project!

My top recipe posts were my Strawberry Kiwi Cupcakes and my re-creation of Sonic’s Strawberry Kiwi Slush.  Um I’m seeing a trend here, maybe I should just stick with Strawberry Kiwi recipes from now on 😉

The top search terms for my blog were little leopard book (that one’s pretty obvious!), strawberry kiwi cupcakes (the above now makes more sense!) and Russell Westbrook Girlfriend. Um, what?  Yes, due to the popularity of the OKC Thunder, one young stud player and an infamous cake I made for my brother’s girlfriends birthday, the number three search term used to find my blog is “Russell Westbrook Girlfriend”!


A year ago I was living in Los Angeles, attending college for Broadcast Journalism and dreaming of one day being on the Food Network. Since then I completed my degree in Broadcast Journalism, spent the summer on an adventure across the United States and moved back to San Diego.

I have turned my little blog into a little business with the hopes of growing into a big blog and a big business in the near future!  I have returned to school, once again, to study the art and business of food and nutrition. I am pursuing a second degree in Culinary Entrepreneurship and could not be more excited to share everything I learn on the little leopard book!


On the business side of the blog, I am now offering my blogging and social media services to bars and restaurants. I have a unique approach when it comes to bringing new followers to the business, as well as capturing the attention of current social media followers. I am also combining my previous years of experience in event planning and ever-expanding knowledge in the kitchen to offer small catering party options, cooking classes and event planning services.

All of my services offered are detailed on my personal page www.WhitneyBond.com.

I am also adding a couple of new features to the LLB that I am SUPER excited about!

The first is “Single Sundays“.  This is where I will post simple recipe options for those of you cooking for one.  I always hear my friends complaining to me that they don’t want to go through all the effort just to cook for themselves. Well, Sunday’s are now dedicated to you. Simple, quick meals that can be made throughout the week and enjoyed in the comfort of your own company with complete control of the remote!

The second is “Chopped Challenge Thursdays“. I am completely obsessed with the show “Chopped” on the Food Network.  If you are not a foodie and don’t have the Food Network on 24/7 at your house you might have missed the show, so let me give you a 1 line run-down of the concept. One basket, four mystery ingredients, one dish. The ingredients range anywhere from cherry cola to sardines and jelly beans to lamb chops.  Here’s where you all come in! (Yay, fun, you get to play!) On Monday, I will make an announcement on my Facebook page (if you haven’t yet, just quickly slide your finger over your mouse and to the right, up a little, a little more and click the like button, see wasn’t that easy? 😉 ) I will be asking for the four “mystery” ingredients for my “Chopped Challenge Basket” that week. The first four people to respond will have their ingredients turned into a dish for my “Chopped Challenge Thursday” recipe post! Fun, interactive, challenging, exciting!

Thank you all for reading and sharing in the LLB experience with me!

My Cultural Foodie Adventures

I recently traveled to 4 different countries… via the farmers market at The Grove in Los Angeles.  I sampled cuisines from Singapore, Italy, France and Brazil! The video below takes you through my culinary journeys!!

The Great Moose Hunt of 2011

No, I’m not talking about the hunting where you use big guns and wear tacky mismatched camouflage pants with bright orange vests, I’m talking about setting out on an adventure with the family into the great outdoors of Colorado just to spot one of the cute, furry critters!

One week ago I was helping my brother move into his new digs in Colorado Springs when my family decided we would go for an adventure up Pikes Peak, I began to see signs everywhere for deer crossings and big foot crossings.

Then Mom and I began to make friends with these little furry fellas, lets just call them Chip and Dale 😉

I was now on a mission to really make myself one with the outdoors and take this time to see as many animals in their  natural habitat as possible. (The closest I get to this in LA are the  little gophers that come out to peak at me while I’m in downward facing dog during yoga at Runyon Canyon!)  Anyway, I digress, so back to my mission: animals! But not just any animals, I was on a Moose hunting mission! Don’t ask me why, I have no idea, I just really felt the need to see a moose.  They’re furry, they have antlers, this one looks like it’s smiling at me…

You get the appeal, right? Kind of?  Well I don’t care, it’s my moose hunt mission and I’ll moose mission if I want to 🙂 Needless to say I spent 4 days in Colorado and no Moose sightings :-/ I went home sad, but not defeated, oh no because these days we have the wonderful, amazing, majestical… GOOGLE! With three magical words: MOOSE IN COLORADO, I find a link that may fulfill my moose hunt mission! State Forest State Park (why the double state in the name? Is that really necessary?) Once again, that’s besides the point, claimed to be “the moose viewing capital of Colorado, with over 600 moose to be observed year-round” I’ve found my spot! 

Stayed tuned for my next trip to Colorado and to the Moose viewing capital… I will not rest until I  see those furry little antlers in person and complete my moose hunt mission!

welcome to little leopard book

Over the years I’ve had websites and blogs and Facebooks and Twitters… but I finally decided I wanted a blog where I can write about whatever I want!

The title “little leopard book” came from this fuzzy little leopard gem I have been carrying around with me for years, jotting down everything from new recipes to workout routines, encouraging quotes and new business ideas. In an effort to keep myself sane in the insane city of LA I am writing to all of you with my thoughts, inquiries, ideas, adventures and to make you really jealous of my roommates who get to eat my food 🙂

Little Leopard Book