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No Reservations… No Kidding!

As someone who one day hopes to call herself a “Food Network Star”, I definitely have to side with my girls Paula Deen and Rachael Ray, as well as my Dads favorite, Guy Fieri when it comes to the words of “No Reservations” host Anthony Bourdain in this smackdown of the foodies! I mean, does this look like “the worst, most dangerous person to America”???

Ok so there’s a good chance that she threw that Turkey in the deep fryer about 1.5 seconds after this picture was taken, but I’m pretty sure there are a lot more dangerous people out there than this sweet little grandma!!!  Yes, Paula Deen likes to fry things and use excessive amounts of butter and sugar, but if people are stupid enough to eat this way every day, then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they died an early death of diabetes and obesity!  Ok, maybe that was a little harsh, but I feel the same way about poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles as I do about cigarette smoking.  With all of the information we have at our fingertips these days there is no reason why you shouldn’t KNOW better and therefore DO better for yourself and your families!  Is Paula Deen influencing unhealthy ways to prepare food? Sure, but I definitely wouldn’t call her “America’s Most Wanted”.

And on to Rachael Ray, and I quote Mr Bourdain “”Does she even cook anymore? I don’t know why she bothers. I feel bad that she still feels compelled to cook.” Um, not sure what your bank statement is looking like these days Anthony, but Miss Ray’s is coming in at around $60 million, so for someone who made her money from cooking, I would say that she must be doing something right!!! 

Although Guy may not be pulling in $60 million dollars like Miss Ray…. YET… he is well on his way there! With multiple shows, books, restaurants and even his own knife brand, I would definitely call Guy a household name these days! But of course our good ol pal Anthony had no reservations for Mr Fieri, saying “”I look at Guy Fieri and I just think, ‘Jesus, I’m glad that’s not me.’ You work that hard and there’s not a single show of yours that you’d want to sit down and say, ‘Hey, I made that last week. Look at that camera work. It’s really good, huh?’ I’m proud of what I do.” Well I guess the rest of America does not agree with you, Guy’s signature show “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives” more than doubled the number of viewers and ratings of your show “No Reservations” last season. Who’s laughing now Bourdain?? This Guy↓

Needless to say, after his little rant on my peeps I now have no reservations to watch anything Anthony Bourdain!