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Dad’s Famous BBQ Baked Beans

Friends and family have been raving about my Dad’s famous homemade baked beans for decades! Now I’m sharing the simple recipe featuring bacon, brown sugar & his secret ingredient!

These Southern BBQ Baked Beans are easy to make in the oven, in a crock pot or on a smoker. They’re the perfect side dish to go with Oklahoma Onion Fried Burgers or Melt-In-Your-Mouth Smoked Brisket!

Baked beans in white bowl with black and silver spoon lifting beans out of the bowl

If you’ve ever been to a BBQ at my parents house in Oklahoma or my house in San Diego, there’s a 99.9% chance you’ve tried my Dad’s Famous Baked Beans. After dozens of requests for the recipe, I decided it was time I finally shared his recipe on the blog!

It’s simple. Nothing fancy here. Just good ol’ southern bbq baked beans!

His secret ingredient? Ground mustard! When cooked in the sauce of the baked beans it adds a delicious flavor to the dish.

This no-fuss recipe can be baked in the oven, cooked in a slow cooker or smoked on a smoker. Whatever is easiest for you, do that! If I’m making the beans to pair with a dinner like my Dad’s Famous Captain Crunch Fried Chicken, I cook them in the oven.

When I’m hosting a party or BBQ, I toss them in the crock pot so that people can eat them throughout the party. If I’m outside smoking meats, I cook them in a cast iron dutch oven right on the smoker next to my meat.

This recipe serves 4-6 people but is easy to double or triple for a bigger group. I highly recommend making more than you think you’ll need, because I’m telling you right now, people go crazy for these baked beans!

Read the full recipe here!

Brown Sugar Coffee Baked Beans

Brown sugar and coffee give these baked beans a great balance of flavor with the sweetness of the sugar and the strong, bold taste of the coffee.

Brown Sugar Coffee Baked Beans

I love coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee, you make me happy, you give me energy, I love the way you smell, I love the way you taste. You, coffee, are one of my favorite things in life!

I love coffee so much, that I try to find other ways to incorporate it into my life, besides just drinking it…. like cooking with it!

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