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Meet the “Food-er Truck-et”

The “Food-er Truck-et” is what happens when you combine a Farmers Market with Food Trucks (sounded better than Fard Mucks) and what a glorious combination it is. Taking two of my favorite things in the world and bringing them to one place at one time, this must be Christmas come early! And you’re going to add a beautiful view AND live music?!? Get out of here! Welcome to the Yamashiro Farmers Market.

This glorious event happens every Thursday throughout the summer. Luckily my bff Miss Erin told me about this event last week just before it was too late! Although I love me a good Farmers Market, E and I headed straight for the food trucks, we were hungry and Lasagna Cupcakes were calling our name… yes I said lasagna cupcakes, combining two more of my favorite things.. I’m in!

Wow this creative combination was delicious! There were many varieties but we picked the braised short rib and onion, something totally unique that you wouldn’t expect to find in lasagna or a cupcake! The meat was tender and juicy, combined with the layers of “lasagna noodles”, so good! The Heirloom LA truck delivered!

And this wasn’t the only delicious item Heirloom LA was serving up… check out their eclectic menu of creative Italian yumminess!

So we added the mushroom risotto balls because what goes better with a lasagna cupcake than risotto balls?? The crispy beef ravioli was calling my name too, but I’ll have to save this one for my next trip to the HeirloomLA truck. Afterall, this is our first of 4 trucks!

So onto the next one… the Global Soul “Street Eats” truck!

To maximize our food trial space in the belly we’ve spent hours plotting a phenomenal strategy (OK, maybe not hours, but it’s such a good plan it could have taken hours!) Basically we order the smallest item’s on each menu so we can try a variety of amazing things on our quest for the very best food truck item in the world!!! (Or at least the greater Los Angeles area)

So here we had the “Babylon Taco” and the “Bistro Mini”… Babylon taco: Mid-East Spiced Chicken, Chipotle Cream, Cilantro and Cucumber.. YUM!

And the Bistro Mini: Beef slider with cheese, carmelized onions, tomato and house sauce. House sauce definitely had a kick! This is what I like to call a burger with a view!

While E was ready for dessert I couldn’t pass up a “Best of the Wurst”  beef and pork jalapeno bratwurst.. spicy, meaty, delicious!

Ok, now it’s time for dessert… back to the Farmers Market we head to “Cobbler-Mania” for an apple cobbler with ice cream… but the decision on apple was not an easy one! Strawberry-Rhubarb, Peach, Strawberry-Mango, Blueberry-Peach, oh the decisions!

It came down to an intense “Rock, Paper, Scissors”… Yes, this is actually how we chose our cobbler flavor.. and honestly I think I’m going to start making all my tough life decisions this way, so much easier than taking the time to make a logical decision based on pros and cons, rights and wrongs, what’s best for the future, all this is way  too complicated… Is it possible to play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” with your right hand against your left hand?? Anyway, the cobbler… YUM!

Yes you could take the leftovers home… wait, what leftovers?!?!?

E and Whit: 1 Cobbler: 0 … best of the night… I’m going to call it a tie between the mushroom risotto balls and the apple cobbler!