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Fish, Shrimp and Bleu Cheese Potato Chips at Cheevers OKC

Cheevers Shrimp Pasta

I had the pleasure of dining at one of Oklahoma City’s best restaurants for lunch last week. One of my good friends (who also happens to be a Little Leopard Book super fan) wanted me to try his favorite restaurant in the city. Lucky for me, he has great taste!

Cheevers Menu

Cheevers OKC describes their menu as “contemporary comfort food”, and from the dishes we devoured at lunch, I would say they are spot on with their description.

We started with the Bleu Cheese Potato Chips.

Bleu Cheese Potato Chips

Two words: Sinfully. Delicious.

Their house cut potatoes are fried then topped with a creamy bleu cheese sauce, large chunks of blue cheese crumbles, crispy bacon and fresh green onions.

I’m lucky I was there with a friend or I probably would have eaten the entire bowl myself!

We also started with a cup of Chicken Tortilla Soup.  My friend, the “chicken tortilla soup expert” said he has tried every chicken tortilla soup south of the Mason Dixon and this is the best around!

Cheevers Chicken Tortilla Soup

It was scrumptious. Large chunks of chicken, just the right amount of spice and no watered-down broth used just to fill the bowl (some restaurants do that! I know, it should be a crime, I agree!)

Next, we moved on to the main course, my friend and LLB super fan ordered the Five Spice Tilapia. If I had to guess the five spices I would say paprika, black pepper, cumin, oregano and cayenne pepper. This is purely an educated palate guess so don’t quote me on it 😉

Cheevers 5 Spice Tilapia

The tilapia was served on a Sweet Corn-Sun-Dried Tomato Masa Pancake and topped with Tequila Lime Sautéed Spinach, which seemed to be a trend on the menu because I ordered the Tequila Lime Shrimp Linguine.

Cheevers Shrimp Linguine

The delicious shrimp was tossed in the linguine along with asparagus, corn and more crispy bacon (yum!)

Tequila Lime Shrimp Pasta

Overall I’d say it was one delicious lunch and I’d recommend stopping by Cheever’s if you live in or around Oklahoma City or if you happen to be passing through!

Visit Cheever’s Cafe at  2409 North Hudson Avenue  Oklahoma City, OK 73103. For other information visit their website at www.cheeverscafe.com.