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Spark Boys and Girls Club Scavenger Hunt 2012

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In addition to food, social media & blogging, I love kids! I love the open slate that a child is and how the right person, place, class, club or charity can make such a huge difference in the life of a child. That is why I recently took my social media talents to the Spark division of the Boys & Girls Club of San Diego. Spark stands for San Diego Professionals Achieving Results with Kids, long title, but basically it’s the Young Professionals division of the San Diego Boys & Girls Club. Spark just has that nice little ring to it!

I joined the Executive Committee of the club as the Communications & Social Media Chair. I am now responsible for the clubs e-mail blasts, Facebook page and Twitter account, as well as volunteering at our various social fundraising events (like the Ugly Christmas Sweater Toy Drive – see below – so fun!) and service events with the kids!

San Diego, Boys & Girls Club, Spark, Ugly Sweater Party, Toy Drive, Quality Social

Before joining the executive committee as a board member I was simply a “Friend of Spark” or someone who attends the events that help raise money for the club. While a friend of Spark I was asked to put my broadcasting degree to work and host the 1st Annual Spark Scavenger Hunt.

Spark San Diego, Spark Scavenger Hunt 2012, Spark Scavenger Hunt, Spark Boys & Girls Club, Spark Fundraising Event, Fundraising Scavenger Hunt, Downtown San Diego, Fundraising Event, Scavenger Hunt

The event was a super fun way to raise money for the club and I was honored to be a part of it!

Spark San Diego, Spark Scavenger Hunt 2012, Spark Scavenger Hunt, Spark Boys & Girls Club, Spark Fundraising Event, Fundraising Scavenger Hunt, Downtown San Diego, Fundraising Event, Scavenger Hunt

Check out the video which includes my hilarious interviews with the teams and a glimpse at the different fun scavenger hunt tasks the participants completed along the way!

If you live in or around San Diego and want to get involved as a Spark Friend or Ambassador, please contact me at [email protected] or follow us on Facebook & Twitter for information on upcoming social and service events!

Arizona Taco Festival, ¡Olé!’

El Hefe, Scottsdale, Arizona, Taco Festival, Zebra, Whitney Bond, Amy BlackThe highlight of my weekend in Phoenix was most definitely the Third Annual Arizona Taco Festival. I love nothing more than the combination of tacos, margaritas, outdoor daytime festivals… and the occasional fake mustache!

Whitney Bond, fake mustaches, girls with fake mustaches, El Hefe Tent, Arizona Taco Festival

The event brought together the delicious taco makings of more than 40 local restaurants, bars and food trucks in and around Phoenix. Along with tacos came music, tequila tastings and sombreros a plenty!

Amy Black, Arizona Taco Festival, Sombreros, girl in sombrero, mexican clothingThis sombrero was won by a very nice man in a pepper eating contest, we found him after the contest and stole his hat… just kidding!  We just borrowed it for a pic!  The lovely lady modeling the hat is my friend and fellow blogger Amy Black of Amy’s Vintage Closet. If you were wondering where I got my authentic Mexican attire for this event, that would be straight from her closet!

Now on to the food!

We started the day with Duck Mole Tacos topped with Guacamole and Jalapeños from El Hefe.

duck mole tacos, shredded duck tacos, margaritas, el hefe, arizona taco festival, scottsdaleYou know that old saying, “save the best for last”, well I think we reversed it because this was my favorite taco of the day!

Although the next taco came in at a close second, it was the lobster taco from Chelsea’s Kitchen.

lobster tacos, chelsea's kitchen, scottsdale, phoenix, arizona taco festival, food, tacosBig chunks of lobster with avocado, tomato salsa and shredded lettuce = yum!

I’m not going to lie.  We didn’t have one taco throughout the day that I didn’t love!

Next, was the shredded beef taco from El Santo topped with fresh tomato salsa, arugula and cheese.

fresh tomato salsa, arugula, shredded beef, beef taco, El Santo, Scottsdale, Arizona Taco FestivalThe flavor of the beef was incredible!

Lastly was the chicken taco at La Hacienda.

chicken taco, la hacienda, arizona taco festival, avocado cream, salsa, tacosLa Hacienda was all-the-buzz at the festival, with everyone insisting we try their chicken tacos.  The tacos were topped with salsa verde, crema and cheese. They definitely lived up to their buzz, La Hacienda brought home “Reserve Grand Champion” in the taco competition for the third year in a row!

Before departing the delicious festival we did what we do best and found a photo booth!

Amy Black, Whitney Bond, Photo Booth, Arizona Taco Festival, Sombreros, Girls in Sombreros, Girls in Photobooth

Thanks to Awesoos for the pics!

This event is now on the calendar as an annual must attend!  See you in 2013 Phoenix!


San Diego Bloggers Happy Hour

I love meeting fellow bloggers from all over the world online, but I thought it would be really fun to meet local bloggers in San Diego!  That is when I decided to host a San Diego Bloggers Happy Hour. The event will take place in 3 weeks, Thursday November 8th from 5-7 PM at The Corner, downtown San Diego.

The Corner has great happy hour specials, delicious food and fun craft cocktails! I will also be creating a Little Leopard Book specialty cocktail exclusively for the event.

The Corner, San Diego, Cuban, Sandwich, Salad, BBQ sauce, food, restaurant

Please share with friends in and around San Diego and join us November 8th! Look forward to meeting you all then!

Chalk Art Painting, Live Music and Delicious Food at Little Italy Festa!

little italy, festa, san diego, food, wine, live music, festival, ItalianLittle Italy Festa is the largest Italian American Festival on the West Coast. I love living in this quaint San Diego neighborhood for events like this! One of my BFF’s PK, or as I like to call him, PKizzle, and I attended the event on Saturday afternoon.

Upon arrival the first thing that caught our attention was the free photo booth from La Jolla Photo Booths, for those of you that know us, this was an obvious first stop as we’re both known as “paparazzi” within our group of friends for our immense amounts of picture-taking!

whitney bond, little italy, festa, san diego, photo booth, photo booth props, italian, festivalDon’t worry about that top pic getting cut off, I was SO not prepared when the first shot happened!

Next, we traveled down India St to check out what else was going on.

little italy, festa, san diego, beer and wine garden, kids area, festival, ItalianWe spent some time walking down Grape Street checking out all the amazing Live Italian Chalk Art that was going on!

little italy, festa, san diego, chalk painting demonstrations, chalk art, live art, festival, ItalianThese artists have some serious talent!

little italy, festa, san diego, chalk art, live art, chalk painting, festival, ItalianIt is amazing that this is all done with chalk!

little italy, festa, san diego, chalk art, live art, chalk painting, festival, Italian

Although I have memories of making some pretty legit chalk art on my parents driveway growing up, I think these might be a little bit more impressive!

We then traveled back up India to check out what else the Festa had in store.  We walked by the cooking stage where live cooking demonstrations were hosted by local Little Italy restaurants.

little italy, festa, san diego, cooking demonstrations, stage, festival, Italian

Although we didn’t catch one, I think this is such a cool idea and every seat in the audience was taken!

Next, we ran into these people…

little italy, festa, san diego, gondola company, gondola hosts, stage, festival, ItalianThey were out promoting their San Diego Gondola business where they take couples or groups out for a cruise across the bay in an authentic Italian gondola.  Such a cute idea, now I just need to find a boyfriend to take me on one (haha)!

Then it was time for my favorite part, the food!

Although we could have gone the traditional route with Italian food from one of the many delicious restaurants in the neighborhood, we decided to steer off the beaten path and try some of Hunter Steakhouse’s tasty tri-tip which we had been smelling all day!

little italy, festa, san diego, food, tri tip, smoked meat, hunters steakhouse, festival, Italian

PK and I split their tri-tip sandwich to save room in the belly for our next stop!

little italy, festa, san diego, whitney bond, tri tip sandwich, food, festival, Italian

We then wandered over to Stone Brewery. No, not for the beer, well not exactly.

little italy, festa, san diego, food, menu, stone brewery, stone catering, mac and cheese, festival, ItalianWe were there for the Beer Mac and Cheese.

little italy, festa, san diego, food, menu, stone brewery, stone catering, smoked porter, beer, beer mac and cheese, mac and cheese, festival, ItalianCheese. Beer. Sausage. In a bowl. Enough said.

little italy, festa, san diego, food, menu, whitney bond, stone brewery, stone catering, mac and cheese, festival, ItalianYum, yum, yum.

We took our bowl of mac and cheese (well the portion in which I hadn’t already annihilated!) and went to watch some live music!


This guy was amazing.  I could hear him from my condo all morning before we headed down.  I’m pretty sure I heard “My Way” by Frank Sinatra at least 6 different times throughout the day and I didn’t hate it, like at all 🙂

If you want to attend next years festivities check out the Little Italy Festa website for more information!

little italy, festa, san diego, october, festival, Italian

White Chocolate Wedding Cake Martini

white chocolate, wedding cake, vodka, liqueur, liquor, cocktails, martini, chocolate syrup, drinkI hosted the dessert course of a Progressive Dinner last weekend and each house had their own signature cocktail.  What says signature Whitney and dessert cocktail more than a White Chocolate Wedding Cake Martini.  Check out my latest video on how to make your own!


Here’s a little shot of the drink in action at the party!

wedding cake, white chocolate, martini, dessert, cocktail, vodka, liquor, liqueur



#2 Do a Mud Run

What better place to run through mud than somewhere that naturally has a lot of it, Oklahoma! I found out about the race 2 days before and started scavenging for friends that were not drinking beers and eating hot dogs on the lake for Memorial Day weekend!  Luckily, my long time family friend I like to refer to as my “brother from another mother” and fierce athletic competitor was up for the challenge!

Saturday morning, Jeffrey, myself and my photographer (also known as my Dad!) took off for Ardmore, Oklahoma to complete the Fitness Freak 5K Mud Run.

Got our numbers and in the words of the Dixie Chicks “ready, ready, ready, ready , ready to run!”

Started off strong… then this happened!

and 19 obstacles later…

The climb up the finish line begins and continues…

Good news: when you get to the top, you get to slide down!

And for my favorite picture of the day…

Jeffrey takes a breather at the end while I take advantage of a photo-op and pose!

We received our medals and continued over to the photo wall!

Battle wounds happened, but that’s what a run like this is all about right??

Now it was time to hose down and clean up! Good thing I borrowed my Moms old shoes, do you think she’ll want them back??

I’m going to say probably not!

I would recommend the run to anyone that wants a good challenge!  I will forever lovingly refer to this particular race as the “5K on Crack”!!  If you think running up and over walls in shoes full of mud with dirty water dripping down your back is awesome then this is the race for you!

The “Fitness Freaks” put on the mud run twice a year in May and October, if you’d like to join in the fun, visit their Facebook page for all the details!