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Mocha Cappuccino Vodka Martini

Bolthouse Farms Mocha Cappuccino and Vodka Martini

It’s Sunday at my house which means “Sunday Family Dinner”.  I’ve been hosting these dinners for years now. It was a tradition at my house in Oklahoma that I wasn’t going to let go when I moved to California!

Because my immediate family is still back in Oklahoma, I invite my close friends (AKA my “California family”) over on Sunday nights to partake in my latest culinary creations!

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San Diego Bloggers Happy Hour

I love meeting fellow bloggers from all over the world online, but I thought it would be really fun to meet local bloggers in San Diego!  That is when I decided to host a San Diego Bloggers Happy Hour. The event will take place in 3 weeks, Thursday November 8th from 5-7 PM at The Corner, downtown San Diego.

The Corner has great happy hour specials, delicious food and fun craft cocktails! I will also be creating a Little Leopard Book specialty cocktail exclusively for the event.

The Corner, San Diego, Cuban, Sandwich, Salad, BBQ sauce, food, restaurant

Please share with friends in and around San Diego and join us November 8th! Look forward to meeting you all then!

Tilapia Tacos, Gourmet Tots and Free Beer

Live music, delicious food and free beer make for a great little spot, but let’s be honest you had me at FREE BEER!

Before I left Oklahoma my brothers girlfriend invited me to lunch at this little spot known as Cafe Nova. It wasn’t until I arrived that I found out about the free beer at happy hour. Had I known about that prior I would have suggested a late (like 4 pm late) lunch!

Yes, from 4-7 PM Mon-Fri if you purchase a $5 appetizer you receive as much free domestic draft beer as you can drink. That could make for a fun Wednesday evening next time I come to visit 😉

But enough about this amazing happy hour that I didn’t get to experience, let’s get to the delicious food that I did experience while lunching with the “FSIL” at Cafe Nova!

We ordered The Fish Taco, Super Nova Salad and Tilapia, as well as their famous happy hour appetizer, the Gourmet Tots!

The Fish Taco was my favorite! The poblano aioli was killer and the tilapia was seared perfectly.

The salad was also delicious.  I give them mad props for loading it up with tons of blue cheese and dried cherries!  Nothing worse than a skimpy salad 😉

I won’t lie, I wanted to hate the Gourmet Tots just for the sake of our otherwise decently healthy meal being ruined.  But those little golden nuggets of goodness, filled with cheese and ham, fried to a golden perfection were pretty outstanding.

Dipped in the homemade ranch… not too shabby, even for this weirdo over here who doesn’t like ranch! (I know, I know, call in the authorities, there must be something wrong with me!)

And finally the Tilapia, served with whipped potatoes and wilted spinach.  While this was delicious, I felt the cream sauce and potatoes were a little heavy for lunch, but if you’re looking for something to fill you up mid-day, this would be the plate to get!

Come for the great food at lunch or the ultimate combo of great food and FREE beer at Happy Hour, either way Cafe Nova is a great place to go in OKC!