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Celery Pear Healthy Green Juice

This Healthy Green Juice Recipe is a delicious way to help fight cancer, eliminate the body of toxins, lose weight & pack tons of vitamins into every day!

Celery Pear Healthy Green Juice

This juice contains celery which is great for weight loss! Celery is reported to be a negative calorie food, which means it takes the body more calories to digest it than the food itself contains.*

The pears in this juice give it a nice sweetness, while also providing more than your daily supply of fiber!

One pear has 6 grams of fiber, this juice contains 6 pears, i.e. 36 grams of fiber from the pears alone! The suggested daily requirement of fiber is 25 to 30 grams.

Obviously I don’t even have to get you started on kale!  We all know that kale is the superfood sweeping the nation packing tons of Vitamins A, C and K with health benefits ranging from reducing the chances of developing cancer to bone health as well as aiding in blood clotting.

The mint in this juice gives it great flavor while also helping to soothe stomach issues, clear your skin and eliminate your body of toxins.

What are you waiting for?  It’s time to get healthy juicing!

Healthy Green Juice Ingredients


  • 6 pears (sliced and de-seeded)
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 3 cups kale
  • 2 tbsp fresh mint

Juice all of the ingredients together.

Healthy Juicer Green Juice

Chill and serve.

Kale and Pear Healthy Green Juice

*Source: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/33-tips-tricks-and-health-benefits-of-celery.html#ixzz2XFgSRvlD

Celery Pear Healthy Green Juice
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Celery Pear Healthy Green Juice

This Healthy Green Juice Recipe is a delicious way to help fight cancer, eliminate the body of toxins, lose weight & pack tons of vitamins into every day!

Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 1 glass juice (12 oz)
Calories 722 kcal
Author Whitney Bond


  • 6 pears sliced and de-seeded
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 3 cups kale
  • 2 tbsp fresh mint


  1. Juice all of the ingredients together.
  2. Chill and serve.

Antioxidant Immunity Juice

Berry Citrus Summer Juice

This powerful antioxidant immunity juice packs a ton of daily vitamin and nutrient needs including 93% vitamin K, 727% vitamin C, 127% fiber, 468% vitamin A and 20% protein!

Berry Citrus Summer Juice

Vitamin A has immunity boosting qualities and also keeps bones, teeth, skin and eyes healthy!

Vitamin K is full of antioxidants and is great for bone health and brain function! Because we all want to be strong and smart, right?

Vitamin C is the ultimate vitamin for immunity and packs a mean antioxidant punch!

Berry Citrus Summer Juice

In this recipe blueberries are the antioxidant superfood while carrots are the beta ceratine boost that keeps your vision on point!

The large amount of fiber in this recipe helps with digestion and energy!

All in all, this juice is an excellent way to start the day!

Berry Citrus Juice Ingredients


  • 5 oranges
  • 1 cup blackberries
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup carrots

Juice all of the ingredients together, chill, then serve.

Berry Carrot Orange Juice

Happy Friday and Happy Juicing!  Don’t forget to check out our other delicious juice recipes like our Vitamin Boost Juice and our Green Detox Juice to stay fit, healthy and happy 🙂

Vitamin Boost Juice

Orange Pineapple Vitamin Boost Juice

I call this the “Vitamin Boost Juice” because it provides over 450% of the daily Vitamin A needed and over 1000% of daily Vitamin C needed, and just for a little extra boost, it also provides 110% of daily fiber needed!

Talk about getting a vita-boost to your day!

Orange Carrot Pineapple Juice


  • 4 oranges (peeled)
  • 1/2 pineapple (skin removed)
  • 1 cup carrots

Juice all of the ingredients together.

Orange Carrot Pineapple Juice

Pour into a glass, chill then soak in all of the juicy vitamins!

Citrus Carrot Juice

This juice is a perfect way to start the day and can be made very inexpensively! Purchase a bag of oranges at a local farmers market to cut down on costs by buying in bulk and keep juicing all week long!

Vitamin C Juice

Serve this juice with our Gluten Free Oatmeal Almond Date Bars for a healthy breakfast meal!

Catch me preparing a few of my favorite juices and smoothies on the San Diego 6 morning news!

Green Detox Juice

Green Juice

This green detox juice is perfect for detoxing after a long weekend… such as Memorial Day… which just so happens to be this weekend!

After kicking back a few cold ones and some delicious BBQ, this juice will clear your skin and make you feel like a brand new person!

Green Detox Juice

The kale and lemons give skin an amazing glow, while the ginger is perfect for helping with digestion and the apples, well as the old saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away 😉

Detox Juice Ingredients


  • 6 apples (fuji or granny smith work best)
  • 1 bunch kale (app. 2 cups chopped)
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 tsp size knob of ginger

Begin by slicing the apples.  If you have one of these handy-dandy apple corer-slicers, then this step is super easy!

Juicing Apples

Next, begin by juicing half of the apples, followed by the kale and ginger, then the rest of the apples, followed by the lemon.

Green Juice Recipe

Make sure to use a crisp apple, if the apple is too soft it will come out more like applesauce.  In this recipe mine were on the verge of too soft.  I’ve found that my favorite apples to use in this recipe are green granny smiths.

Green Apple Juice

Have a great weekend and happy juicing 🙂  Don’t forget to check out our Healthy Celery Pear Juice, Vitamin Boost Juice and Antioxidant Immunity Juice for even more healthy and delicious juice recipes!