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It’s Never Too Late To Learn!!!

I never realized how true the saying “Knowledge is Power” was until I decided to go back to school at the age of 25. Let me give you some comparisons between attending college in Southern California at the age of 18 fresh off the boat from Oklahoma vs. attending college in Southern California after owning a business and returning to school at the age of 25.

18-year-old student priorities:

  • Which Frat is having the best Thurs night party this week?
  • How do you make jello shots??
  • Must never miss an episode of “The OC”
  • Which 10 pictures will I put on MySpace?
  • What’s the theme party this weekend and where will I get my outfit for it?
  • What time does the train leave for Tijuana?
  • I wonder if I’ll see that cute guy from Theater class out this weekend…. oh yeah, class!

It all looked a little something like this:

25-year-old priorities:

  • Must get to class at least 15 minutes early to get a front row seat.
  • How many study groups can I fit into my schedule this week?
  • Are there any additional reading materials recommended for the class?
  • Must make Honor Roll every semester.
  • Coffee is the most consumed beverage in my diet.

It looks a little more like this:

Don’t mind the “Brithny” on the cup. Even if my name were “Brittany” (which I think is what he was going for), I have never met a “Brittany or Britney” that spells their name with an H!!! Maybe that guy needs to go back to school also ūüėČ None the less, going back to school was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life to this point. When you’re giving up time and money that could be spent working, furthering your career, traveling or spending time with friends to go back to school full-time¬†and finish your degree it’s much different than going to school straight out of high school because that was your ticket out of Oklahoma and your parents told you that you had to. You have so much real life experience to guide you to understanding what and why you are learning something.

Obviously, there are many people out there that are more focused their first time around and don’t need that second bat at it. But, if you are someone like me who majored in “Frat Parties” instead of “Business” your first time around, go back and get your education on, it’s never too late to learn, whether you are 25, 45 or 98. No seriously, if you haven’t heard the story yet, let me tell you about a man named George Dawson.

George was the grandson of African-American¬†slaves and the son of a farmer. He worked his whole life beginning at the age of 8 without ever learning how to read. At the age of 98 George met a retired teacher by the name of Carl Henry who began picking George up every morning and taking him to school to teach him how to read. (I’m not sure who I love more in this story, George or Carl!!) At the age of¬† 102 George became a best-selling author with his book “Life is So Good”. I believe whole-heartedly in George’s motto “It’s Never Too Late to Learn”.¬† With hard work and determination¬†anything is possible!! Just think back to Mr Dawson if you ever think you can’t do¬†something and remember that it’s never too late to learn, to change careers or to do something amazing!!!