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The Sad, Slow Death of an HP

I write to you today, my loyal bloggies from Mr. Jobs greatest invention, the IPhone, because 3 years ago I made the unfortunate decision to buy an HP. Since last Thanksgiving my laptop has been dying a sad, slow death. But today she had enough and took the ultimate plunge of death. So, the next post I will make will come to you from a place I have been dreaming about for a year… A new MacBook. The pictures I will upload, the videos I will edit, the happiness that will ensue knowing that every time I push that magical on button my laptop will… Actually come on! What a concept!

I look forward to bringing you all a fresh batch of witty, sarcastic, entertaining and enlightening posts from my new, yet to be named, MacBook in the coming days! Stay tuned…

In the mean time, here is a funny picture of me with a deer head… Just to keep you entertained!