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Love for the Postman

Ding Dong! That middle of the afternoon sound that comes after hearing the loud screeching of a truck outside (be it USPS, FedEx or UPS, we’ll just call them all postmen) and the excitement of knowing a package is coming for me!!! I had that very excitement just yesterday when this little goodie arrived on my doorstep.

And from my favorite company…

Bam!  I know when its an arrival from the Longaberger Company it must be new pottery from Mom! If you hadn’t already noticed the lovely pottery used in my cooking blogs, go back and look right now, do it, it’s beautiful! My Mom has run her own business through the Longaberger Company for over 25 years now, although when I was a kid all they sold were baskets, ba hum bug, baskets were not my thing, but luckily 25 years later they now make beautiful pottery and I get to reap the rewards of having an amazing Mom (refer to “Team Mu-Ney”)who sends me the newest, fun dishes for my adventures in cooking! So whats in the box today??

After ravaging through piles of paper I find these little gems hidden in the bottom of the box!

Tapas Plates!!! So shiny and pretty! Oh the spanish tapas that will be served from these little guys, bacon wrapped dates, stuffed mushrooms, bite sized bruschetta, stuffed olives, oh I can’t wait!

If you want to get that mushy-lovey-dovey feeling for your postman maybe you should order your own magical box of goodies from Longaberger! Or maybe you just love my pretty little pottery and want some for yourself!  Or maybe, unlike me, baskets are your thing, they have plenty of those too, including the first basket my Mom sold me on to put in my own house…

Yeah, it doesn’t take much to sell me on anything Chargers or Sooners related, but if any of this entices you or you would just like to see my Mom in a picture with a bunch of grown men dressed as bees, check out www.longaberger.com/muffetbond!