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Slow Cooker Black Pepper Beef and Broccoli

The best black pepper beef and broccoli recipe is made in a crockpot with a delicious Chinese black pepper sauce, then tossed with noodles for a simple slow cooker meal that only takes 10 minutes of prep time!

Black Pepper Beef and Broccoli with rice noodles and scallions on plate with chopsticks

It’s hard to pick the best dish at Tasty Noodle House, our favorite Chinese restaurant in San Diego, but their Black Pepper Beef & Noodles is definitely in the top 3!

While I’ve already recreated some of our favorite Chinese chicken dishes, like Orange Chicken, Honey Chicken and Chinese Lettuce Wraps, it was about time I recreated our favorite Chinese beef dish!

I decided to slow cook the beef in the Chinese black pepper sauce, so that the beef would be extremely tender, with a deep, rich flavor. There’s also no need to marinate the meat, as it cooks in the sauce for hours, so it soaks in all of the sauce!

The great thing is, you can set it and forget it, then toss the noodles and broccoli in at the end.

The sauce will cook the noodles right in the crock pot and the broccoli will be steamed in the slow cooker, so there’s no need for extra pots or pans!

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Instant Pot Beef with Tomato Basil Bruschetta

Garlic balsamic marinated sirloin is cooked in just 30 minutes in this Instant Pot Beef recipe, then topped with fresh tomato basil bruschetta for a delicious meal!

My famous Tomato Basil Bruschetta is fresh, light, made in 10 minutes and delicious on Grilled Chicken Zoodle Bowls, Burgers and Italian Beef!

Instant Pot Beef covered in Fresh Tomato Basil Bruschetta

Today’s post is sponsored by the California Beef Council!

I recently joined the brand new podcast “Feed Me!” as a featured guest on their first episode. We chatted about ways to use your slow cooker and Instant Pot in the summer, my favorite comfort food and tips and tricks for cooking with an Instant Pot.

One of my favorite things about the Instant Pot is the fact that you can sear meat directly in the Instant Pot before you pressure cook the dish, so that you’re left with only one pot to clean up after the meal!

While this Instant Pot Beef Ragu recipe is one of my favorite meals and can be eaten year-round, I wanted to try something new, light and fresh for summer, which is why I created this Instant Pot Beef with Tomato Basil Bruschetta.

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Rosemary Garlic Sous Vide Steak

With only 5 minutes of prep time, this sous vide steak recipe is quick and easy to make for dinner. Take sirloin steaks from the refrigerator or freezer and place in ziploc bags or vacuum seal with rosemary and garlic for a delicious meal!

Medium Rare Sous Vide Top Sirloin Steak

Want to learn a new cooking technique that’s so easy and makes the most delicious and tender meats?! Time to try sous vide cooking!

I got my first sous vide almost 2 years ago and have been obsessed with it ever since! I regularly make Italian Flank Steak, Sous Vide Sliders and Korean BBQ Short Ribs in the sous vide for weeknight dinners. One of my favorite parts of sous vide cooking is that, like a slow cooker, you can set it and forget it!

It really is as easy as tossing meat and seasonings in ziploc bags, placing them in the sous vide and leaving them to cook for a few hours.

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Steak Crostini

Top sirloin is seasoned & sous vide, then sliced & served atop a crispy baguette with horseradish goat cheese, in this delicious steak crostini recipe!

Top sirloin is seasoned & sous vide, then sliced & served atop a crispy baguette with horseradish goat cheese in this delicious steak crostini recipe!

Well hello there appetizer deliciousness!

What says “welcome to the party” more than mouth-watering steak on top of creamy horseradish goat cheese with a drizzle of balsamic reduction, all on a crispy sliced baguette!

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Teriyaki Steak Shish Kabob

This Grilled Pineapple Teriyaki Steak Shish Kabob recipe is perfect for Summer BBQ’s, but also easy enough to whip up for dinner anytime!

Teriyaki Steak Shish Kabob Recipe

My favorite season is upon us, grilling season!

Whether it’s a shish kabob, onion fried burger, bacon wrapped hot dog, bruschetta grilled chicken or grilled strawberry lemonade (yes that’s a thing!) I love grilling up fruits, veggies and meat all summer long!

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