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Pesto Smashed Potato Salad

Pesto Smashed Potato Salad Recipe

Growing up, I was never a fan of potato salad, to be fair, I wasn’t a fan of a lot of foods, blasphemy, I know, the food blogger that was a picky eater growing up, say it ain’t so, oh, but it is!

A few years after moving to California for college, I started trying new foods and recipes, and realized what I had been missing all of these years, ahem, guacamole, the green stuff, freaking delicious, fish, sushi, yes, please, but one thing I can say I’ve never really taken a liking to is potato salad. I’m guessing my aversion to mayonnaise might have a little something to do with that!

So today I’m making a potato salad that’s colorful, flavorful, sans mayonnaise and filled with tons of green goodness!

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