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Creamy Sriracha Beef Enchiladas

This beef enchiladas recipe combines spicy ground beef with creamy Sriracha sauce & lots of cheese for a delicious recipe that’s quick and easy to make!

Creamy Sriracha Beef Enchilada Recipe

It’s been an entire week since my last new recipe post on the blog! Why the long wait for a delicious new recipe you ask?! Because I took my first trip to New Orleans last week with two of my best friends!

If you follow me on Instagram you got to see all of the alligator holding (yup, that happened!) beignet eating, St Patricks Day glitter throwing, tutu wearing fun! I even created a Food Bloggers Guide to New Orleans with some of my favorite spots to eat, drink and shop in the city!

I loved the city and the food, and was so inspired to come home and create my own spins on beignets, shrimp and grits and jambalaya!

While this enchilada recipe was not inspired by my trip to New Orleans, it is a recipe I’ve been planning for a while now and I couldn’t wait to get home from my trip to whip it up!

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Hawaiian Pizza with Sriracha Pizza Sauce

This thin crust Hawaiian Pizza recipe is topped with a homemade Sriracha Pizza Sauce, fresh pineapple, prosciutto, mandarin oranges and mozzarella cheese.

Hawaiian Pizza with Sriracha Pizza Sauce Recipe

Last Monday was National Pizza Day, so of course I made nachos. Haha, just kidding, I made pizza, but not just any pizza!

I made Hawaiian Pizza, and not just any Hawaiian Pizza, but this delicious prosciutto & pineapple Hawaiian pizza with homemade Sriracha pizza sauce, because (as I like to say on Instagram) yes, yes & more yes!

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