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Mediterranean Spaghetti Squash

Mediterranean Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Well hello there friends! Long time, no see!

If you’ve been wondering where the new posts have been for the past week, they were on hold while I took a trip to the east coast.

I started off my trip to New York & Washington DC hosting a Satellite Media Tour with PLUS Media all about Friendsgiving. You can check out several of the segments online at the following links:

Following the media tour, I ventured into New York City to check out some of the best spots to eat in the city. I’m currently compiling all of my favorites into an NYC City Guide that I’ll be sharing in the next couple of weeks on the blog! In the meantime you can check out my Instagram page to see a sneak peak of where all I was eating while in the city!

After leaving NYC, I headed down to Washington DC to eat my way through yet another city! I’ll also be sharing a Washington DC city guide soon with all of my favorite spots to eat in the nations capitol.

I’m now on a plane back to home sweet sunny San Diego. As soon as I arrive home I’ll be heading straight into the kitchen! I have so many awesome recipe ideas that I can’t wait to create, then share with you all for Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving & Thanksgiving leftovers!

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One Pot Mediterranean Lamb & Mushroom Pasta

Easily make this delicious Mediterranean Lamb & Mushroom Pasta recipe in one dish in under an hour!

One Pot Mediterranean Lamb and Mushroom Pasta Recipe

About a month ago, I had the pleasure of joining my new friends at Superior Farms in Northern California to meet some of their ranchers, check out the farms where their lambs graze and learn more about their delicious lamb products.

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One Pot Mediterranean Sausage & Lentils

One Pot Mediterranean Sausage & Lentils Recipe

Each year the United Nations picks a topic of global interest, and 2016 was named the International Year of Pulses.

What are Pulses you might ask? Pulses include dry peas, dry beans and, you guessed it, lentils!

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One Pot Mediterranean Spiced Beef and Macaroni

One Pot Mediterranean Spiced Beef and Macaroni

Happy New Year my friends! For the first new recipe of 2015 I’m so excited to share this Bond family favorite that I put my own little twist on!

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Mediterranean Stuffed Shells

Mediterranean Stuffed Shells

After almost a week hiatus from posting new recipes on the blog, I’m back with a bang! Read the full post here!