These 12 chicken breast recipes are easy to prepare in 30 minutes or less, making them perfect for weeknight dinners in a rush!

12 Easy Chicken Breast Recipes

Looking for new chicken breast recipes to switch up your weekly menu? You’ve come to the right place! These 12 chicken breast recipes are all easy to prepare and made in 30 minutes or less, making them perfect for weeknight dinners in a rush!

With everything from burgers to skewers, and Chinese to Mexican, as well as many gluten free options, this list will add tons of variety to your chicken recipe repertoire!

1. Gluten Free General Tso’s Chicken | 15 minutes

Gluten Free General Tso's Chicken Recipe

2. Buffalo Chicken Burgers | 30 minutes

Buffalo Chicken Burgers with Buffalo Potato Salad

3. Key Lime Chicken Taco Skewers | 20 minutes

Lime Taco Grilled Chicken Skewers

4. Asian Chicken Sliders | 25 minutes

Asian Chicken Sliders

5. Quinoa Crusted Mexican Chicken | 30 minutes

Quinoa Crusted Mexican Chicken

6. Chili Lime Chicken Taco Lettuce Cups | 20 minutes

Chili Lime Chicken Taco Lettuce Cups

7. Cranberry Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken | 15 minutes

Cranberry Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken

8. Gluten Free Chinese Honey Chicken | 30 minutes

Gluten Free Chinese Honey Chicken

9. Healthy Cobb Salad | 30 minutes

Cobb Salad with Avocado

10. Roasted Jalapeño Honey Chicken Skewers | 30 minutes

Roasted Jalapeño Honey Chicken Skewers

11. P.F. Chang’s Copycat Sweet & Sour Chicken | 30 minutes

sweet and sour chicken

12. Cherry Tarragon Chicken Salad Sandwich | 30 minutes

Gluten Free Cherry Tarragon Chicken Salad


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