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Baked Nacho Chicken

Creamy queso dip, black beans, jalapenos and crispy tortilla strips top this easy and scrumptious Baked Nacho Chicken Recipe, made in under an hour!

Baked Nacho Chicken Recipe

With football season back in full swing, I’ve got nachos on my mind!

After making The Ultimate Pulled Pork Nachos a couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about different ways to incorporate nachos into new recipes on the blog.

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Chipotle Honey Crispy Baked Boneless Wings

Chipotle Honey Crispy Baked Boneless Wings

You guys, I’m SO excited to be back in the US and sharing new recipes with you after 10 days of travel!

If you’re following me on Instagram, Snapchat (@WhitneyMBond), Twitter or Facebook then you probably saw lots of posts of tacos over the last week, because I just returned home from a trip to Guadalajara and Mexico City!

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Sriracha Lime Chicken

Sriracha Lime Chicken Recipe

Since transitioning to “Fit Whit” over the last two months (AKA so much eating as a food blogger = need to hit the gym!) I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate healthy-er meals at home in between food blog recipes & eating out.

One of my favorite go-to, easy dinner meals is a burrito. Fill it with whatever goodies I have in the fridge, wrap it up in a giant tortilla and dig in!

While “Fit Whit” will not be giving up burritos anytime soon, I figured a great, easy, go-to alternative would be burrito bowls.

Whip up some delicious chicken on Monday, put it in the fridge, then use it in burrito bowls all week long. Enter: Sriracha Lime Chicken.

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Quinoa Crusted Mexican Chicken

Quinoa Crusted Mexican Chicken

My second most favorite thing about being a food blogger is recipe development. First is eating… obviously 😉 Read the full post here!

Pineapple Sesame Teriyaki Baked Chicken

Pineapple Teriyaki Baked Chicken

Last week I wanted to create a baked chicken dish and was having a hard time deciding between Sesame Chicken and Teriyaki Chicken, so I combined them both in this one delicious dish!

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Honey Bunches of Oats Crusted Oven Baked Chicken Strips

Honey Bunches of Oats Crispy Chicken Strips

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Hands down my favorite cereal of all time, Honey Bunches of Oats, slightly sweet, crunchy and so delicious! As I ate a bowl for breakfast last week, I got to thinking, what if I finely crush the cereal and coat it on chicken for a slightly sweet, super crispy chicken strip.

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