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Pumpkin Brookies

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are baked into pumpkin brownies in this delicious dessert recipe for pumpkin brookies, great for fall parties and Halloween!

Pumpkin Brookies Recipe

It’s the final day of Pumpkin Week here on WhitneyBond.com, and I saved a super delicious dessert for last!

If you’re not familiar with brookies, allow me to introduce you to this super amazing dessert that combines cookies and brownies into one scrumptious treat!

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Irish Cream & Guinness Brookies

Irish Cream Guinness Brookies are made up of a layer of Guinness Brownies, topped with a layer of Irish Cream Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, perfect for St Patricks Day!

Guinness and Irish Cream Brookies Recipe

Hi my name is Whitney and I’m addicted to Brookies! It’s a brownie + a cookie, come on people!

Ever since I created the first brookie recipe on the blog for Gluten Free Nutella Brookies, then Red Velvet Brookies for Valentine’s Day, I’ve pretty much made it my mission in life to create every brookie combination possible!

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Red Velvet Brookies

Red velvet chocolate chip cookie dough is layered on top of red velvet brownie batter in this delicious recipe for Red Velvet Brookies!

Red Velvet Brookies Recipe

Move over Red Velvet Oreos… Red Velvet Brookies are the new queen of all things Red Velvet 😉

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Gluten Free Nutella Brookies

Gluten Free Nutella Brookies Recipe

Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough + Nutella Brownie Batter = My Idea Of Heaven!

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