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Buffalo Chicken Dip Pizza

Everyone’s favorite Buffalo Chicken Dip is the topping for this delicious pizza recipe, with three cheeses and grilled buffalo chicken, you can’t go wrong!

Buffalo Chicken Dip Pizza Recipe

A few weeks back I was doing some serious recipe planning for the upcoming months. I sat down and brainstormed new recipes for 6 hours straight.

Let me tell you how hungry one gets after recipe brainstorming for 6 hours straight, very hungry, only to realize that all of the recipes I’d been creating in my mind over the last 6 hours were not reality yet and I had nothing to eat for dinner. Such a buzz kill, lol!

Luckily over the next couple of weeks, all of the recipes did become a reality and some very delicious dinners were eaten, this Buffalo Chicken Dip Pizza being one of those!

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