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Buffalo Chicken Burgers

Buffalo chicken burgers are easy to make with a combination of ground chicken, buffalo sauce, spices & vegetables! Ditch the buns to make them healthy, gluten free, low carb & perfect for those on the keto diet!

Pair the burgers with Buffalo Potato Salad or Spicy Buffalo Macaroni Salad for a complete “Buffalo Style” meal!

Buffalo chicken burger on plate, topped with blue cheese crumbles with knife in the middle of the burger

I’ve been making these burgers since 2012 and I seriously never get tired of them! It’s such a fun spin on a traditional cheeseburger and full of flavor!

This burger encompasses everything you think of when you think buffalo wings. Chicken, carrots, celery sticks, buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing for the win!

You can easily refrigerate or freeze extra burger patties for later. I actually like to double this recipe and make eight buffalo chicken burgers. I grill two immediately, refrigerate two for later in the week and freeze the extra four for later.

If you’re looking to cut down on carbs or go gluten free, serve the burgers wrapped in lettuce. By ditching the bun, you also ditch 22 carbs per serving! All the flavor really is in the burger anyway!

These buffalo chicken burgers are perfect for summer grilling season or football season. They’re also great for a quick and easy dinner anytime. Made in just 29 minutes, you can’t go wrong with this simple, tasty burger recipe!

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Tomato Basil Bruschetta Turkey Burgers

This juicy turkey burger recipe can be cooked on the stove or on the grill. It’s easy to make and topped with the most delicious Tomato Basil Bruschetta for a healthy, flavorful meal!

Serve these burgers in lettuce wraps without the cheese to create a gluten free, paleo and whole 30 compliant meal! Without the buns, this turkey burger recipe is only 3 carbs per serving and perfect for those of the keto diet.

Turkey burger on bun on wood cutting board topped with diced tomato bruschetta

If you’ve ever been to the blog before, you know how much I love topping recipes with Tomato Basil Bruschetta!

Grilled Chicken Zoodle Bowls, yup I topped those with bruschetta & they’ve been shared over 130,000 times on Pinterest! Bruschetta Baked Brie, oh yes I did! Creamy brie, topped with flavorful balsamic bruschetta, yes please!

And once you try this Bruschetta Salmon recipe, you’ll never eat salmon any other way! Now for this turkey burger recipe topped with tomato basil bruschetta.

Turkey burgers get a bad rap for being dry and tasteless. But I can tell you that these turkey burgers are quite the opposite. They are so juicy and flavorful! I can guarantee you’ll be adding them to your regular grilling menu!

No grill? No problem! This turkey burger recipe can easily be cooked on the stove in a cast iron skillet, or heavy-bottomed pan.

This recipe is easy enough to make for a weeknight dinner, but also perfect for parties and BBQ’s. The bruschetta topping and turkey burgers can both easily be prepped ahead of time. When it’s party time, all you have to do is toss the burgers on the grill!

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Mexican Street Corn Turkey Burgers

Mexican turkey burgers are covered in cotija cheese, guacamole and grilled Mexican street corn for a flavorful summer burger recipe!

Mexican turkey burgers are covered in cotija cheese, guacamole and grilled Mexican street corn for a flavorful summer burger recipe!

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Mexican Street Corn is hard to beat, it’s creamy, spicy and so flavorful!

So, what happens when you top Mexican Turkey Burgers with Mexican Street Corn?! You get one seriously delicious burger recipe!

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Beef and Chorizo Nacho Burger Sliders

Ground beef and spicy chorizo are combined in these grilled nacho sliders that are topped with queso dip, salsa and jalapeños!

Beef and Chorizo Nacho Burger Sliders

Being born and raised an Oklahoma girl, there’s not much I love more than a cheeseburger and queso dip.

In Oklahoma if you order queso, you’re basically ordering a nacho cheese dip. I found out very quickly when I moved to San Diego that California Mexican restaurants consider queso something totally different.

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