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Crock Pot Chicken Nachos

The best Chicken Nachos are loaded up with shredded chicken, tomatoes, chilies, beans & spices all cooked together in an easy crockpot recipe!

Chicken Nachos on sheet pan topped with jalapenos, red onions, tomatoes and cheese, on red and white striped towel

Nachos are my jam! They combine crispy tortilla chips, with delicious toppings and lots of cheese, what’s not to love?!

Nachos are the perfect appetizer to share with all of your friends on game day, but can also be made for a Mexican Fiesta dinner during the week.

I’ve become known for my supremely loaded nachos at parties. It all started with these Ultimate Pulled Pork Nachos. I then made the Ultimate Low Carb Nachos on mini peppers instead of tortilla chips for all of my friends looking for a healthier nacho option.

Today I present Crockpot Chicken Nachos. Another totally loaded nacho recipe, made with scrumptious, slow cooked nacho chicken!

The chicken couldn’t be easier to make in a crock pot. It only takes 5 minutes ahead of time to prep, then the slow cooker does the rest of the work!

Read the full recipe here!