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Blood Orange Baked Salmon & Carrots

Chipotle pepper, honey and blood oranges create a delicious glaze for this healthy and gluten free baked salmon recipe with rainbow carrots!

Blood Orange Baked Salmon Recipe

I love my friend Carla for many reasons. She’s loud, fun and loves food, just like me! 😉

Oh and she comes with one major friendship bonus, she has a blood orange tree in her front yard!

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Gluten Free Orange Chicken

This gluten free orange chicken recipe is a quick & easy meal that’s healthier and more delicious than Chinese restaurant take out!

Gluten Free Orange Chicken Recipe

If the pictures alone don’t scream “make me, eat me, love me!” then let me tell you, you want to make this recipe, eat this recipe, and you’re going to love this recipe!

I give it the “Whitney Guarantee”!

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