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Buffalo Cheesy Pizza Bread

In this easy Buffalo Cheesy Pizza Bread recipe, pizza dough is topped with garlic butter, buffalo sauce and cheese, rolled up, then topped with more buffalo garlic butter and Italian seasoning to create the ultimate game day or party appetizer!

Pizza bread filled with buffalo garlic butter and cheese, sliced on green plate with small bowl of ranch dressing and green onions

There’s no denying my love of buffalo sauce at this point in my life!

After publishing over 50 recipes with buffalo sauce on the blog and being crowned “The Queen of Buffalo Sauce” (by the official Queen crowning people of the internet 😉 ), buying buffalo sauce by the gallon has just become part of my life!

While my love of buffalo sauce started with this Buffalo Chicken Dip, it quickly led to a full on obsession after this Buffalo Chicken Cheesy Pasta (still my most popular recipe on the blog to date!)

Since then, I’ve shared recipes for Buffalo Crock Pot Mac & Cheese, Buffalo Cheesy Sausage Balls, One Pot Buffalo Taco Spaghetti,  Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers and so many others! If you have a favorite buffalo sauce recipe, comment below and let me know!

Today’s recipe for Buffalo Cheesy Pizza Bread is an all-time party favorite that originally appeared in my cookbook 5 years ago. It’s been such a hit at parties over the last few years, that I had to share it on the blog!

Read the full recipe here!