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Italian Slow Braised Short Ribs

Beef short ribs are rubbed with Italian herbs then slow braised in a red wine sauce in this delicious gluten free braised short ribs recipe.

Italian Slow Braised Short Ribs Recipe

I made this recipe for the first  time last Christmas with my Dad. I gave him a pasta machine for his birthday and we wanted to put it to use to make raviolis.

We decided to use Slow Braised Short Ribs for the filling, thus this recipe was born.

After a few tweaks to perfect the recipe, I re-created it at home this week to share with all of you!

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Crock Pot Thai Beef Sliders

Crock Pot Thai Beef Sliders

Summer is officially here, yay for pool parties, BBQ’s, beach bonfires and most importantly, lots and lots of grilling!

To kick off the summer here at Little Leopard Book, I’m launching a summer-long Instagram contest, pairing up two of my summer favorites on the grill, Sliders and Skewers.

Whether you’re a fan of food on a stick or food on a miniature bun, they’re both delicious and they’re both perfect for summer cooking and grilling!

Sliders vs Skewers Instagram Contest

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