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5 Favs in 5 Days – Take Two

Take two of my 5 favorite things from Mon-Fri was made a little easier with a trip back to Oklahoma! It’s always easier to find favorite things while on vacation!

My #5 favorite thing of the week…

I never understood my Mom’s obsession with ornaments, but as I begin to accumulate my own little collection I am starting to understand a little bit more. I get so much satisfaction each year I take my ornament’s out of their little boxes and place them on my Christmas tree. And thanks to Mom, I have a new guy to put on the tree this year!  The best running back of all time at the University of Oklahoma and now the Minnesota Vikings top running back, Adrian Peterson!  He will sit nicely on the tree next to my little Sooner and Charger players!

My #4 favorite thing of the week…

Every time I’m back home in Oklahoma, there a few things on the list that must be done every trip… 3 of those things will be included in this weeks “5 Favs” including the purchase of a new OU clothing item to add to my “Sooners Dresser”.  Yes, I have an entire dresser dedicated to OU clothing items… t-shirts, tanks, sweat pants, sweat shirts, boxers, if they make it, I own it!  My newest shirt involves one of the biggest rivalries in college football as well as a little irony for anyone who knows my ex-boyfriend and how that whole situation went down, a story you will surely see in a movie someday 😉 Wish I would have listened to the shirt before getting in that relationship!

My #3 favorite thing of the week…

Another Oklahoma trip ritual… dinner at Ted’s Cafe Escondido. Mexican food – Oklahoma style! While the bottomless chips, salsa, queso dip, spicy relish and tortillas are a huge selling point, my favorite part of every visit to Ted’s is their Frozen Sangria. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Best Sangria Ever! Yes, I do have the authority to name this the best Sangria ever because I am a Sangria connoisseur. Every restaurant, bar, drinking establishment I visit that offers this tasty combination of fruit, wine and liquor (what’s not to love!), I put it to my “Sangria Connoisseur” test and this is the BEST Sangria ever!

My #2 favorite thing of the week…

New boots! So I’ve been on the look out for a pair of flat motor-cycle style boots… and apparently I found exactly what I was looking for!  Upon arrival in Oklahoma in my new boots my Dad said I looked like I was “going for a ride on a motor-cycle” perfect, haha!  I picked up these gems for only $50 at Charlotte Russe! Been wearing them for over a week straight, so comfortable and go with everything!  Love the orange detail surrounding the zipper, totally on trend for the season!

My #1 favorite thing of the week…

SHELLAC! The revolutionary new combination of nail polish and gels has changed my life!  After blogging last week in my “5 Favs” about my amazing new nail polish, it began to chip 2 days later and my newly “freed from acrylics” natural nails began to crack and something that made me so happy just a few short days before made me so sad. Then, another one of my Oklahoma trip rituals,  a visit to my family’s long time nail girl Amberlea introduced me to Shellac! No chipping, no cracking, no dry time, just a super shiny finish and easy breezy nails for 2 weeks! I got mine done 6 days ago and they are still perfect!

Gameday Grub

Saturday I had the great honor of hosting more than 20 Oklahoma peeps at my house in LA for the OU vs Florida State game!!!  In case you live under a rock (or aren’t a football fan) OU was victorious 23-13 and celebration was not lacking at my house!

Beverages were spilled, cheerleading uniforms were worn, country music was played and best of all… food was eaten!  Now there are upsides and downsides of being a food blogger!

Upsides: people come to me for recipe ideas (I love giving advice!) and I get to come up with new recipes to put on LLB. Downsides: I put a lot of pressure on myself to come up with an amazing menu for every event or dinner and I must execute it to perfection!

On Thursday I began my search for the perfect menu for Saturday. Trying to feed that many hungry Sooner fans with delicious, amazing food that can be prepared before game time… a little tricky! My food is important, but there was no way I was missing one minute of this game!  So here it is, the perfect “Gameday Grub” menu:

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  • Pumpkin Cupcakes

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Somehow I made all of this happen, while taking pictures along the way and was on the couch, beverage in hand, ready for the game at kick-off!

I hope this post helped you get some great ideas for your “Gameday Grub”!!!

Bedlam Battle Week One

So excited for my first VLOG!!! As some of you already know I am a die-hard Oklahoma Sooner Football Fan, as well as a broadcast journalism major so put the two together and you get me, on camera, talking about the upcoming Sooner Football season which starts TOMORROW!!  I combined forces with a fellow Okie from the other side of the tracks, an Oklahoma State fan, to form a weekly segment for my blog called “Bedlam Battle”. Watch each week to find out whats going on in the world of college sports in the great state of Oklahoma!