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Superfood Fruit Parfait

This delicious mason jar fruit parfait recipe is topped with superfood bars for a healthy, vegan, gluten free breakfast or snack!

Superfood Fruit Parfait Recipe

When I first tried Nature’s Path new Qi’a Superfood Bars at the Natural Products Expo in March, I was hooked!

Delicious bars that are packed full of healthy ingredients, that are also gluten-free and vegan, yes, please!

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One Pot Vegan Mexican Freekeh

In one pot, cook up a delicious vegan dinner with the superfood freekeh, beans, tomatoes, corn and Mexican spices.

One Pot Vegan Mexican Freekeh Recipe

We all love an easy one pot dish.

What’s even better than an easy one pot dish? A healthy AND easy one pot dish, packed with the hottest new superfood, Freekeh!

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