With the recent DIY Pinterest craze, I decided to take a break from cooking today to share an interior design project that I created over 2 years ago.

When I moved to LA I wanted to create a different bedroom space in my new home. Although I knew I couldn’t buy a whole new bedroom set, I knew I could add new pieces to give it a different feel!

I went online and began looking at furniture and room designs I liked.  I actually found this room on Walmart’s website, of all places, and loved the simple black and white design!

After searching high and low for wall art similar to that on the left wall in the picture the only things I found were only sold online and more than I wanted to spend (like $50-100 per frame x 9 frames = too much!) At that point I decided to make my own for the bargain price of $5.00 per frame!

I’ve always considered myself somewhat crafty and creative but this was a new high for me! I traveled to three states and multiple cities to find nine different black and white canvas fabrics! But alas between Texas, Oklahoma, California, Hobby Lobby, Ikea, Walmart and Mood I found the nine perfect fabrics and my most prized DIY project to date.

Pretty good copy-cat right? Now I’m going to re-create one of the frames in, what else but leopard fabric, to show you all how easy they are to make yourself!

What you’ll need to make 9 frames:

  • 1 yard of canvas fabric (or 1/8 yard of 9 different fabrics)
  • scissors
  • 36 8″ wood “stretcher strips”
  • staple gun
  • 9 teeth and nails (if you want to hang them)

Start by sliding the wood strips together into square frames.

These can be purchased at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or other craft stores and come in all different sizes so you can make the frames larger or smaller if you would like.

Next, place the frame on the fabric as a measurement guide.

Cut the fabric around the frame with about 2 inches of extra fabric on each side to wrap around the edges.

Now it’s time to put your construction hat on and grab that staple gun!

Put 2 staples on the first side, then wrap the corner tightly and staple.

Continue around the frame stapling each side and corner.

Now if you plan to place the frames on a shelf, they’re ready to go!

If you plan to hang them on the wall, you will need to add a tooth hanger with nails.

Time to put that construction hat on one last time and hammer in the nails.

Now the canvas frame is ready to hang!

Hang in a set of 4, 9 or just one large frame!

My black and white theme just got a little leopard addition!

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