How To: Make Your Own Moscow Mule Bar

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Make Your Own Moscow Mule Bar

Everyone loves a refreshing Moscow Mule in the Summertime, so why not create a “Make Your Own Moscow Mule Bar” for your next party!

What you’ll need:

Optional additions:

  • Fun Straws
  • Mason Jar Shot Glasses
  • Tropical Coasters
  • Citrus Juicer

This bar can be made on any table or countertop, but how fun is this potting bench made into a bar from World Market? (Now on sale 50% off, woo hoo!) With the built in sink, perfect for storing ice and cold bottles of ginger beer, and the hooks for hanging the copper mugs, I couldn’t resist creating a “Make Your Own Moscow Mule Bar” out of this bench!

You’ll want to stock the bar with unflavored vodka and 2-4 flavored vodkas, plenty of ginger beer and as many fresh fruits and herbs as you’d like!

You can add a menu to the bar or let your guests make up their own Moscow Mule flavor combinations!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Peach Basil | Peach Vodka + Ginger Beer + Basil + Lemon Juice
  • Strawberry Mint | Strawberry Vodka + Ginger Beer + Mint + Lime Juice
  • Pineapple | Pineapple Vodka + Ginger Beer + Diced Pineapple + Lime Juice
  • Cherry Limeade | Vodka + Ginger Beer + Maraschino Cherry Juice +  Lime Juice
  • Triple Berry | Vodka + Strawberries + Blueberries + Raspberries + Lemon Juice

Your guests will love trying out your signature mules and making up their own!

Want to catch me whipping up some of these mules live on TV? Check out my segment on San Diego 6 News all about the “Make Your Own Moscow Mule Bar”!

Make Your Own Moscow Mule TV Segment on San Diego 6 News

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How To Create A Make Your Own Moscow Mule Bar

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