Thanks to the power of high speed internet, it’s never been easier to turn your entire house into a smart home. Using these 10 smart kitchen devices, I guarantee you’ll be excited to make breakfast, lunch and dinner every day!

Smart kitchen appliances make cooking quicker and easier, especially when you’re on-the-go.

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When remodeling our house in 2017, we decided to build an entirely smart home. From the lights, to the blinds, to the refrigerator, we have over 100 WiFi connected devices in our house. And that’s where Cox Panoramic WiFi comes in! This WiFi provides reliable access throughout the home to all your smart devices.

Of course, the kitchen is the heart of my home and today I’m sharing how I use smart appliances throughout the kitchen to make cooking faster and easier.

woman holding cookies coming out of the oven

When it comes to smart kitchen devices, you’ll find ones that connect to Bluetooth and WiFi. I highly recommend using the devices that connect to WiFi. This way you can monitor them, even when you’re not at home. When a device is connected through Bluetooth, it’s only available when your phone and device are in range, generally that’s 300-400 feet.

When a device is connected to WiFi, you can literally monitor it through your phone from the other side of the world! Seriously, I was in France a few years back and I was able to check in on my refrigerator, oven and dishwasher back in California.

Why would I want to do that you ask? The app monitors if the refrigerator or freezer doors have been left open, or if there’s a leak in the refrigerator or dishwasher. It’s nice to be able to check in on the appliances while traveling for a little peace of mind!

While at home, I love to use both WiFi connected large and small appliances, all of which I can monitor in one place, on my phone. It’s especially handy when I’m really busy or cooking multiple things at once. Check out my top 10 smart home devices for the kitchen and start “smart cooking” today!

amazon alexa echo sitting on windowsill

Smart home hub

An Amazon Alexa echo device or Google Home device is definitely necessary when you have over 100 WiFi connected devices throughout your house. When in the kitchen, it’s useful for playing music (because who doesn’t like to dance while they cook?), setting timers and connecting to the smart appliances in your kitchen.

I use it to play Spotify, set timers, preheat the oven and heat water in the refrigerator.

refrigerator next to phone with refrigerator app

Smart refrigerator

The GE smart refrigerator will allow you to monitor the temperature of your fridge and freezer, the ice level in your ice maker and the status of your water filter. It will also alert you if the freezer or refrigerator door has been left open. Or if the temperature in the fridge or freezer begins to rise.

This GE Café series, seen pictured here, also has a built in Keurig for making individual cups of coffee or heating water for tea or soup. The corresponding Smart HQ app will allow you to heat water for coffee, tea or soup from the app on your phone, or through Alexa.

woman opening door of oven and phone with smart oven app showing

Smart oven

The GE smart oven allows you to preheat your oven from anywhere via the Smart HQ app on your phone. This is convenient if you’re at the grocery store and want to go ahead and preheat the oven for dinner. Just pop on the app and the oven will begin preheating!

You can also monitor the cooking time on your phone. This is especially convenient if you’re in another area of the house and want to check how much time is left on the timer.

dishwasher in kitchen next to phone displaying dishwasher app

Smart dishwasher

The GE smart dishwasher also connects to the Smart HQ app, which allows you to view the status of your dishwashing cycle. It will also alert you when more rinse aid is needed or if it’s time to order more dishwasher pods.

phone displaying app for sous vide in front of sous vide attached to pot

WiFi sous vide

The Anova WiFi connected sous vide is one of my favorite small kitchen appliances. You can use it to make any of my sous vide recipes, from tri tip to pork chops!

The connected Anova app allows you to monitor and adjust the time and temperature on your phone. A convenient way to know when dinner is ready!

collage of images showing how to use a wifi air fryer

WiFi air fryer

The Cosori air fryer is my new favorite WiFi enabled kitchen appliance. You can use the VeSync app to connect your phone to the device and use it to browse recipes and use the preprogrammed settings to make a recipe. You can also manually set the time and temperature for the recipe of your choice.

The app will alert your phone when the cooking time has ended. I love this function for when I’m cooking a side dish in the air fryer and the main course on the grill. Keeping my phone nearby let’s me know exactly when my side dish is ready!

shredded beef in crock pot with red serving spoon

WiFi Crock Pot

If you’ve been around the blog a while, you know that I love my Crock Pots! You can use the WiFi Crock Pot to make any slow cooker recipe and monitor or adjust the time and temperature from your phone.

Running late coming home from work? No problem, just hop on the app and adjust the Crock Pot temperature down to the warm setting!

seasoned pork shoulder on grill

WiFi meat thermometer

There are a lot of Bluetooth enabled meat thermometer’s on the market, but I recommend using a WiFi connected meat thermometer. The WiFi connected thermometer will let you monitor the temperature from anywhere. This is especially helpful if you’re grilling or smoking a large piece of meat, like the juicy pork shoulder you see pictured above!

Monitor the temperature of the meat from across the street at your neighbors house, walking the block with your dog or playing at the neighborhood park with your kids. By monitoring the internal temperature of the meat on your phone, you’ll know exactly when it’s time to come home and remove the meat from the grill or smoker.

phone showing app with smart light controls

Smart lights

One of the best parts about using Alexa-connected smart devices in the kitchen, is the fact that you can control them hands-free.

If your hands are covered in cookie dough and you need to adjust the lighting, use Leviton Smart Light Switches to ask Alexa to adjust the kitchen lights to 100% or turn on the kitchen counter lights.

hand holding iphone with nest app showing on the phone


Using a Nest thermostat, if the oven starts to heat up the kitchen, simply click on the air conditioning from the app on your phone or ask Alexa to set the air conditioner to a lower temperature.

A day in the life

To see how I integrate all of these smart devices into my everyday life at home, check out this fun video!

And be sure to check out to see all of the latest smart offerings from Cox!

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