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Sloppy Joe Tacos

Traditional Sloppy Joes are given a spicy Mexican twist in this quick and easy Sloppy Joe Taco Recipe, made in just 29 minutes!

Sloppy Joe Tacos Recipe

I’m totally a sucker for a fun new Taco Tuesday recipe, and today I’ve got a really good one for you!

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Spinach Artichoke Turkey Burgers

A healthy version of spinach artichoke dip is stuffed into, and piled on top of, delicious Spinach Artichoke Turkey Burgers, perfect for Summer grilling!

Spinach Artichoke Turkey Burgers

Today’s post is sponsored by Jennie-O!

The sun is shining, the coats are put away and the grill is lit, because it’s almost summer and that means grilling season is here!

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S’Mores Cinnamon Rolls

S’Mores Cinnamon Rolls are the ultimate indulgent weekend breakfast! All the flavors of a delicious s’more are rolled up in a sweet & flakey cinnamon roll in this quick & easy recipe made with a can of Pillsbury crescent roll dough!

S'Mores Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

It’s Sunday morning, and I know what you’re thinking, how can I justify eating S’Mores for breakfast today? Well, I’ve got the answer, make S’Mores Cinnamon Rolls!

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Beef Ragu Lasagna

Simple slow cooked beef ragu is layered with creamy ricotta cheese, lasagna noodles and mozzarella cheese in the most delicious lasagna recipe ever!

Beef Ragu Lasagna Recipe

Well hello everyone and happy Friday!

Just a few hours ago, I landed back home in San Diego after 4 whirlwind days in NYC!

I was meeting with PR agencies, TV corporations, publishing and tech companies, which means, yes, exciting new opportunities will be announced very soon!

In the mean time, you can check out behind-the-scenes action and sneak peeks of the exciting news on Instagram and Twitter!

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Teriyaki Steak Shish Kabob

This Grilled Pineapple Teriyaki Steak Shish Kabob recipe is perfect for Summer BBQ’s, but also easy enough to whip up for dinner anytime!

Teriyaki Steak Shish Kabob Recipe

My favorite season is upon us, grilling season!

Whether it’s a shish kabob, onion fried burger, bacon wrapped hot dog, bruschetta grilled chicken or grilled strawberry lemonade (yes that’s a thing!) I love grilling up fruits, veggies and meat all summer long!

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Bruschetta Grilled Chicken Zoodle Bowls

Fresh, light and healthy, these Bruschetta Chicken Zoodle Bowls are perfect for easy meal prep. And great for those on a gluten free or low carb diet. The balsamic marinated grilled chicken is served over zucchini noodles with fresh tomato bruschetta on top, for a seriously flavorful meal!

With over 6 MILLION views on Facebook and 130,000 shares on Pinterest, the people have spoken, these Bruschetta Chicken Zoodle Bowls are a hit! And If you love these zoodle bowls, you’re also going to love these popular recipes for Thai Peanut Buddha Bowls and Veggie Fajita Rice Bowls!

Tomato bruschetta on top of sliced grilled chicken breast in bowl with zucchini noodles

Bowls in the food world are the equivalent to Game Of Thrones in the TV world, SO HOT RIGHT NOW! If you google “Bowl Trend In Food” you’ll find dozens of articles about how “Bowls Are The New Plates”. Yes, that’s actually the title of an article from The Wall Street Journal!

This is one food trend that I’m not upset about at all! You can pack a lot of healthy ingredients into a bowl, while also adding a ton of flavor to make it super tasty!

A few weeks ago I hopped on the trend with a delicious recipe for Thai Peanut Pineapple Veggie Rice Bowls. Although technically I was ahead of the trend with my Gluten Free Kung Pao Beef & Noodle Bowl that I introduced in 2013!

Today I’m sharing a new chicken recipe that incorporates one of my favorite cooking methods, grilling, into the trendy new bowl phenomenon! Bruschetta plus chicken, equals a match made in heaven! Combine the two on top of fresh, healthy zucchini noodles and you’ve got one winning bowl recipe!

The olive oil, balsamic vinegar and tomato juice from the bruschetta act as a dressing on the zucchini noodles. And the pieces of tomato add a burst of freshness and flavor to every bite!

If you have time in the morning, toss the chicken in the marinade. (Don’t worry, it will take less than 5 minutes!) In the evening, toss the chicken on the grill and mix up the bruschetta. Spiralize some zucchini and scrumptious grilled chicken zoodle bowls await you!

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Mozzarella Stuffed Meatball Wellington

Kick up your meatball recipe game with Mozzarella Stuffed Meatball Wellington, juicy meatballs filled with cheese, wrapped in puff pastry & baked!

Mozzarella Stuffed Meatball Recipe

You know the old saying “two heads are better than one”? Well, nowadays, I’d really have to agree with that!

Ever since I started dating my boyfriend Kurt, he’s given me some great recipe ideas, including this one for Meatball Wellington. And this might just be his best one yet!

Juicy, flavorful Italian sausage meatballs, filled with fresh, gooey mozzarella cheese, all wrapped up in buttery, flakey puff pastry dough, it really doesn’t get much better!

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Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Sliders

Roasted jalapenos, cream cheese & crispy bacon are stuffed into these delicious grilled hamburger stuffed sliders, perfect for Summer BBQ’s & parties!

Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Sliders

Today’s post is sponsored by King’s Hawaiian!

This time last year, I introduced King’s Hawaiian Jalapeño Rolls for the first time in a recipe for Roasted Jalapeno Honey Carne Asada Sliders. This recipe still remains one of my all time favorites!

As soon as I tried one bite of those sweet and spicy jalapeño rolls, I was hooked!

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