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Russell Westbrook Birthday Cake

June is an eventful month around the Bond household with the birthdays of my Mom, Dad, Brother, Aunt and Brothers girlfriend, as well as Fathers Day and my parent’s wedding anniversary (34 years today!)

After completing a successful gluten-free birthday cake for my brother, it made sense to make the cake again for his girlfriends birthday. But being the girl who has to make everything a little bit different I decided to turn his delicious Chocolate Gluten-Free Cake into a work of OKC Thunder basketball art. Enter, the Russell Westbrook Birthday Cake.

Russell has been talked about a lot in the playoffs for his interesting press conference attire. It started with the lense-less red glasses, which led to an article on the front page of The Wall Street Journal “Fashion Plates of the NBA Make Specs of Themselves: At Finals, Hoops Stars Also Compete Over Stylish Eyeglasses; No Lenses Needed”.

Then came the Lacoste fishing shirt which sent sales for the popular clothing brand through the roof when everyone in Oklahoma decided to emulate the look. And I mean everyone!

I met this amazing older couple during the Western Conference Playoffs and they told me they were “trending on Twitter”, the look had definitely caught on!

My first idea was to just add the red glasses onto the cake, then I decided I had to add the shirt as well!

Russell Westbrook Cake Ingredients

After the cake is baked and cooled use a piping bag with the cream cheese frosting to make the shirt design.

Next, add the chocolate frosting to a separate bag and pipe onto the remaining parts of the cake not covered by the cream cheese frosting.

Next, add about 6-8 gummy worms to the shirt.

Now, to make the glasses place a toothpick between each end of a Twizzler, slide through until the two ends meet and the toothpick no longer shows.  Repeat this step to form the two lenses.  Next place another Twizzler on top and attach with the trimmed off ends of 2 toothpicks. Place the glasses gently on top of the cake and voila! The Russell Westbrook cake is complete!

Everyone, including the birthday girl, loved the cake! Just another fun way to celebrate OKC making it to the NBA Finals! Game 3 tonight, Thunder Up!!!

Songs about Beards, Thunder Basketball and Woodward, OK

It only took 30 seconds of watching their video for me to decide I HAD to meet these guys.

These guys I refer to are the brothers who created the incredibly catchy song about my favorite NBA team and the most famous beard in the nation, “Beard Like Harden“!

For my first interview of the Summer Adventure I hopped in my Moms jeep the morning after OKC Thunder vs. LA Lakers Game 5 and headed to Woodward, Oklahoma.

In the 18 years I lived in Oklahoma I never made the three hour drive down country roads to the town of Woodward, so today I was in for a treat. A new adventure AND an interview with the artists that brought me my new favorite song!

Adventure it was. This is not like a “hop on one highway and be there in 3 hours” kinda drive, it’s more like a “blink and you’ve missed the next road that you were supposed to turn on because they all have 15 signs and they all look the same” kinda drive!

Yes I realize it’s ironic that I can maneuver around Los Angeles with the worst traffic in America but finding my way through the Oklahoma countryside was nearly impossible!

Although the roads were a little difficult to maneuver it was a beautiful drive that took me past the rows and rows of giant windmills (alternative energy, yeah we’re hip in Oklahoma!)

It also took me past many of the animals that make up the majority of the population in Oklahoma… yes, cows… and no I did not tip any!

Three hours later I arrived to meet Chris and Daniel Castor to talk all about “the Beard”, the sweet dance moves in the music video and how the “Beard Like Harden” sensation all came about!  Check out the interview here:

The video for their new original hit song, Came to Play,  is now on YouTube and the song is available for download on iTunes.

Looking forward to keeping in touch with these hometown celebrities to see what they come up with next!

#54 Attend an NBA Playoff Game

What an exciting moment, the first check off the bucket list, and I couldn’t imagine a better one to start with!

As I flew back to my hometown of Edmond, Oklahoma on Sunday evening, my good friend and fellow crazed sports fan, Bradie, booked a plane ticket  for her first trip to the great state of Oklahoma to help me complete my first bucket list item!

She flew in Monday morning and the first item of business was well under way, get that girl some Thunder gear! Five shirts later, my Mom, myself and Bradie all had new Thunder gear for the game that night!

I ended up wearing four different Thunder shirts throughout the day! (Can you say wardrobe change much?!)

Following the Thunder shirt shopping spree Bradie and I headed straight for my favorite restaurant in OKC, Ted’s Cafe Escondido for the best frozen sangria I’ve ever had!

We then headed down to “Thunder Alley” which takes place before and during all Thunder games directly in front of the stadium. They have bounce houses and games for kids, plenty of photo ops and of course mingling with fellow Thunder fans!

After meeting up with some friends, getting our tickets and pre-gaming, it was time to Thunder Up, and they don’t call it “Loud City” for nothing!  The stadium was rocking all night!

I have to say that it is SO fun to be the fan of a team whose city is behind them 110%, you can barely go a block in OKC right now without seeing a Thunder flag, shirt, banner or painted building supporting the team!

Thunder pulled out a huge win over the Lakers to win the Round Two series 4:1 and advance to the Western Conference Finals against the San Antonio Spurs.

I am so excited that I actually get to check this bucket list item off TWICE because my good friend Garrick is taking me to Game 3 in OKC on Thursday night! Can’t wait to Thunder Up again in Loud City!

This also means I need another Thunder shirt… or 4 😉