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Food Bloggers Guide To New Orleans: Where To Eat, Stay & Play

Food Bloggers Guide to New Orleans

As much as I love sharing my recipes with the world (and I do, so much!!) I’ve also developed a love of sharing my travels with the world as well!

Instagram has been an amazing platform to share my journeys around the US, but now I’m excited to expand the sharing of my travel journeys to WhitneyBond.com!

Almost a year ago I took my first trip to New Orleans and immediately fell in love with the city, the food, the music and the people!

I went with two of my best friends, AKA The Traveling Trio, and visited classic establishments like Cafe Du Monde, held baby alligators, took part in the city’s annual St Patricks Day festivities, and of course, ate lots and lots of great food!

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Grilled Oysters

Grilled Oysters with Jalapeño Thyme Sake Reduction

After reviewing the delicious Brunch at Bailiwick, I knew I had to return for my next “Chef Inspired Dish” segment with Chef Konstantin Plavnik!

Instead of brunch, we decided to re-create their most popular happy hour and dinner menu item, the Grilled Oysters with Thyme, Sake, Jalapeño Brown Butter.

Ingredients for Grilled Oysters


  • 6 large oysters
  • 2 tbsp sake
  • 4 tbsp butter
  • 1 tsp fresh thyme
  • 1/2 jalapeño (de-seeded & minced)
  • 4 slivers manchego cheese

Begin by shucking the oysters.

Add the sake to a small skillet over medium heat, cook until the sake begins to bubble then remove from the heat.

In a separate pan, add the butter and melt. Add the thyme and jalapeños. Brown the butter for 2 minutes. Bring the sake back up to a boil, then add the butter.

Jalapeño Sake Thyme Sauce

Place the oysters on a grill over high heat. Spoon the sauce over the oysters,  cover and cook for 10-12 minutes.

Flame Grilled Oysters

Don’t worry if they catch a little flame, that’s supposed to happen 🙂

Add the cheese on top of the oysters, cover and grill for an additional minute, then remove from the grill and serve.

Grilled Oysters

Grilled Oysters with Jalapeño Butter

For my first Grilled Oyster experience, this one was epic!

Grilled Oysters with Sake Jalapeño Reduction

Arizona Taco Festival, ¡Olé!’

El Hefe, Scottsdale, Arizona, Taco Festival, Zebra, Whitney Bond, Amy Black

The highlight of my weekend in Phoenix was most definitely the Third Annual Arizona Taco Festival. I love nothing more than the combination of tacos, margaritas, outdoor daytime festivals… and the occasional fake mustache!

Whitney Bond, fake mustaches, girls with fake mustaches, El Hefe Tent, Arizona Taco Festival

The event brought together the delicious taco makings of more than 40 local restaurants, bars and food trucks in and around Phoenix. Along with tacos came music, tequila tastings and sombreros a plenty!

Amy Black, Arizona Taco Festival, Sombreros, girl in sombrero, mexican clothing

This sombrero was won by a very nice man in a pepper eating contest, we found him after the contest and stole his hat… just kidding!  We just borrowed it for a pic!  The lovely lady modeling the hat is my friend Amy Black.

We started the day with Duck Mole Tacos topped with Guacamole and Jalapeños from El Hefe.

duck mole tacos, shredded duck tacos, margaritas, el hefe, arizona taco festival, scottsdale

You know that old saying, “save the best for last”, well I think we reversed it because this was my favorite taco of the day!

Although the next taco came in at a close second, it was the lobster taco from Chelsea’s Kitchen.

lobster tacos, chelsea's kitchen, scottsdale, phoenix, arizona taco festival, food, tacosBig chunks of lobster with avocado, tomato salsa and shredded lettuce = yum!

I’m not going to lie.  We didn’t have one taco throughout the day that I didn’t love!

Next, was the shredded beef taco from El Santo topped with fresh tomato salsa, arugula and cheese.

fresh tomato salsa, arugula, shredded beef, beef taco, El Santo, Scottsdale, Arizona Taco FestivalThe flavor of the beef was incredible!

Lastly was the chicken taco at La Hacienda.

chicken taco, la hacienda, arizona taco festival, avocado cream, salsa, tacos

La Hacienda was all-the-buzz at the festival, with everyone insisting we try their chicken tacos.  The tacos were topped with salsa verde, crema and cheese. They definitely lived up to their buzz, La Hacienda brought home “Reserve Grand Champion” in the taco competition for the third year in a row!

Before departing the delicious festival we did what we do best and found a photo booth!

Amy Black, Whitney Bond, Photo Booth, Arizona Taco Festival, Sombreros, Girls in Sombreros, Girls in Photobooth

This event is now on the calendar as an annual must attend!  See you next year Phoenix!


THE San Diego Cheeseburger

Hodad's, San Diego, Cheeseburger, Onion Rings, Fries, Milkshake

In San Diego there is an ongoing debate in the city, not about politics or the environment, but simply about where to find the best burger.  The two contenders are Hodad’s and… that other burger joint in Pacific Beach.

My winner is and will always be, Hodad’s!

Hodad's, San Diego, Downtown, Ocean Beach, Menu, Cheeseburgers, Frings

It’s not even so much the burger though, it’s the combination of a piled high juicy burger with a side of thick and crispy homemade fries and freshly battered onion rings.

And oh yeah, the ringer, the chocolate milkshake which is flown down by little angels from Heaven every time one is ordered. Yes, that is how amazing this milkshake is.

Hodad's, Chocolate, Milkshake, San Diego, Ice Cream, Syrup, Milk

It’s chocolate ice cream with chocolate milk with chocolate syrup, blended up and topped with more chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Hodad's, San Diego, Chocolate, Milkshake, Ice Cream, Syrup, Milk

Do I look happy here?

Hodad's, chocolate, milkshake, whitney bond, san diego, straw, ice cream, shake

Blissful maybe? I think ecstatic would be the word I’m looking for. And who wouldn’t be with this deliciousness in front of you!

Hodad's, San Diego, Chocolate, Milkshake, Ice Cream, Syrup, Milk

Yes, that is two spoons you see.  I actually shared this little piece of Heaven with my Mom.

After all, I did have to save some room for the real deal, THE San Diego cheeseburger.

Hodad's, San Diego, Downtown, Ocean Beach, Bacon, Cheeseburger, Lettuce, Pickles, Tomato

This is the MINI bacon cheeseburger. Yes, Mini.  There is also a single and a double with the increase in size to boot.

Don’t be fooled, I have taken down a double before, but with the double there is generally no room left in the belly for the scrumptious sides, and that is just a crime.

Hodad's, San Diego, Downtown, Ocean Beach, Food Network, Diners Drive Ins and Dives, Cheeseburger

Although I may not go for the “can’t even wrap your mouth around the whole burger” double, I definitely don’t skimp on the toppings. Delicious American cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and their thick cut white onions, which takes me to my next topic of discussion, the almighty onion rings.

I will admit, I did some Onion Ring battering during my 9 month stint of working at Sonic when I was 16. It’s not a fun job, but it has to be done to get those super fresh, never frozen, crispy bites of delicious fried onion.

Hodad's, San Diego, Onion Rings, French Fries, Fresh, Homemade

See what’s hiding below that massive pile of crisp onion goodness, yeah that would be their fresh-cut fries. Thick cut, well seasoned and, you guessed it, delicious!

Don’t just take my word for it.  My man Guy thought it was pretty good too!  So good, that he did a little show about it.  Maybe you’ve heard of it, Triple D, AKA Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.

Guy Fieri, Diners Drive Ins and Dives, San Diego, Downtown, Ocean Beach, Food Network, Hodad's, Restaurant

THE San Diego Cheeseburger originated in Ocean Beach at the first Hodad’s location. Since then they have opened a second location in Downtown San Diego.  Now, I’m all for expanding successful businesses but I will admit I was weary of trying out the “non-orignal” Hodad’s.

Would it be the same?  Would those little angels be able to find the new location to drop down my heavenly milkshake? Was there something about the ocean air coming in off the beach that made the burger so juicy and fries so crispy?

I can now say for a fact that the downtown location is just as good as the original, the little angels found it just fine and you can expect the juiciness, crispiness and same friendly-in-a-bad-ass-sort-of-way service that you expect at Hodad’s!

Hodad's, Downtown, San Diego, Broadway, Restaurant, tenth avenue

Visit the original Hodad’s at 5010 Newport Ave. Ocean Beach CA 92107 or Hodad’s Downtown at 945 Broadway Avenue San Diego CA 92101. You can also visit them online at hodadies.com. Dig in and enjoy!

All Star Buffalo Cheesesteak and Hell Fries, Oh My!

Boston, Cambridge, Sandwich, Bar, All Star, Massachusetts, Front, Sign

After discovering Boston Magazine’s article on the amazing Grillo’s Pickles, I went on past the article I originally attended to read on the best burgers in Boston and continued on to the best fries in Boston.

Just 2 blocks down from Grillo’s was one of Boston’s best french fry spots. This spot was the All Star Sandwich Bar where they’re serving up delicious fried potatoes known as Hell Fries.

These cayenne pepper, cilantro and hot sauce topped fries live up to their hellish name. Order an extra ice-cold beverage on the side, you’re gonna need it!

Spicy, French Fries, All Star, Sandwich, Bar, Boston, Cayenne Pepper

Although I am a glutton for delicious, spicy potatoes, I knew I shouldn’t lunch on them alone. I decided to take a peak over at the sandwich menu,  I mean the name of the spot is All Star Sandwich Bar, they must make some pretty killer sandwiches. And do they ever.

I wanted to try one of each! Fried Poblano Cheeseburger, BBQ Fried Chicken Bacon Melt, American Fondue Cheeseburger, how would I pick just one?

Upon the recommendation from my excellent server Brad and my crazy obsessive love for Buffalo sauce I went with the Funky Daily Special Buffalo Cheesesteak BLT. Say what?  A sandwich with multiple meats, blue cheese and buffalo sauce, I’m so in!

Buffalo, Cheesesteak, BLT, All Star, Sandwich, Bar, Boston, Blue Cheese, Sauce

I really can not express the excitement and anticipation that overcame me when this sandwich arrived!

And the anticipation was met with overwhelming joy after just one bite.  Crispy bacon, juicy burger, creamy blue cheese and spicy buffalo sauce, quite the perfect combination and balance of amazingness!

They have tons of daily specials that I wish I had more time in Boston to try each one!

If you’re in Boston, check out your favorite daily special and let me know which you think is the best!

I’m thinking Wednesday’s Pastrami-Nater sounds right up my alley! I do have a slight obsession with the almighty pastrami sandwich though!

The decor in this little sandwich shop is cool and casual and the service was excellent. See Brad, awesome server, hard at work!

If you want to break a little sweat with some Hell Fries or chow down on an amazing sandwich special check out All Star Sandwich Bar at 1245 Cambridge St. Cambridge, MA.  To view their entire menu visit their website at: AllStarSandwichBar.