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Juicy Lucy Burger

The Juicy Lucy “AKA Jucy Lucy” is a hamburger made with cheese inside the burger patty. Adding chopped bacon to the ground beef patty makes these the most juicy burgers ever!

Add my Dad’s Famous BBQ Baked Beans and a Bacon Tomato Avocado Pasta Salad on the side of this burger recipe for a complete, delicious meal!

Juicy lucy burger cut in half with melted cheese in the middle

Today’s post is sponsored by my friends at Cabot Cheese.

Today I’m combining two of my favorite cheeseburger recipes. A cheeseburger stuffed with cheese and a cheeseburger that consists of both ground beef and chopped bacon. You’ll never eat another burger recipe again!

The chopped bacon in the burger patty adds so much flavor and juiciness to the burger. While the cheese stuffed inside the burger is like a wonderfully cheesy explosion in your mouth!

I used Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar to stuff these burgers, because it’s seriously THE BEST! The flavor of the cheese paired with the salty, flavorful ground beef bacon burger patties is just incredible.

You can add your favorite burger toppings, but honestly, you don’t even need to! This burger can stand alone on a bun with a little drizzle of mustard or ketchup and nothing else.

You can grill the burger or cook it on a skillet on the stove. Either way, you’re going to fall in love with this juicy lucy burger recipe at first bite!

It’s perfect for 4th of July and summer BBQ’s, but also easy to make inside on the stove year round. It’s made in under 30 minutes, so it’s great for an easy weeknight meal that both kids and adults will love!

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The Best Veggie Burger with Black Beans & Sweet Potatoes

Quinoa, sweet potatoes, black beans & veggies are combined in this healthy, gluten free, black bean veggie burger recipe. These veggie burgers can be prepped ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator or freezer!

Hand Holding Black Bean Veggie Burger

Over the years I’ve tried many veggie burgers, from homemade, to restaurants, to pre-packaged at the grocery store, you always get one of two things, a burger filled with veggies or a vegetarian burger that’s masquerading as a meat burger, which tastes more like meat than veggies.

While I’ve had great versions of both, I tend to prefer the veggie-filled burgers. Since I’m not a vegetarian, when I eat veggie burgers I’m not trying to replace a beef or turkey burger, I’m simply looking for a super flavorful and unique way to go meatless and add more veggies to my diet!

After years of working on creating the perfect veggie burger, I’m here today to introduce you to The Best Veggie Burger you’ll ever have!

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Whole30 Hamburgers with Sesame Scallion Sauce

Whole30 Hamburgers are healthy, packed with protein, and gluten free, they’re wrapped in lettuce and topped with a sesame scallion sauce for a flavorful meal!

Whole30 Hamburgers are healthy, packed with protein, and gluten free, they're wrapped in lettuce and topped with a sesame scallion sauce for a flavorful meal!

One of the most important aspects of the Whole30 diet is paying attention to labels and buying the best 100% grass-fed, organic meats whenever possible.

During “Whole30 March” I’ve relied on my friends at ButcherBox to fill my fridge with grass-fed beef, free range organic chicken and Whole30 approved bacon.

If you’re not familiar, ButcherBox is a high quality meat subscription service that delivers your choice of beef, chicken, pork, or a combination of meats, right to your door every 30 or 60 days! You can also add items like burgers, uncured sugar free bacon (that’s Whole30 approved and paleo!) and breakfast sausage.

I received my first ButcherBox two years ago, in April 2016, and have been hooked ever since!

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Sous Vide Sliders

 Sous vide burger sliders are easy to make, with very little prep, and will result in the most flavorful, juicy burgers you’ve ever had!

Sous vide burger sliders are easy to make, with very little prep, and will result in the most flavorful, juicy burgers you've ever had!

Last week I joined my friends at Cox Communications in Baton Rouge for another “Cox Smart Home” event. I spent the day in the kitchen sharing tips and tricks for how to make your kitchen “smart” by incorporating WiFi enabled devices and appliances into your cooking.

One of the WiFi enabled devices in the smart home kitchen was the Anova WiFi enabled sous vide. I used this device at past events to make Steak Crostini‘s to share with guests of the event, but this time I decided to switch things up!

Since it is football season in Baton Rouge, I decided to serve some of my favorite game day recipes, like Slow Cooker Green Chili Queso Dip and Football Shaped Nutella Rice Krispie Treats. I then decided to make sliders in the sous vide, because they’re perfect for tailgating! Prep the sliders and toss them in the sous vide, remove them from the sous vide, take them to the tailgate, then give them a quick sear on the grill and you’ve got the most delicious and juicy sliders you’ve ever had in your life!

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Onion Fried Burger

The Onion Fried Burger is a popular Oklahoma recipe combining half ground beef and half grilled onions for a deliciously flavorful burger recipe!

The Onion Fried Burger is a popular Oklahoma recipe combining half ground beef and half grilled onions for a delicious, flavorful burger recipe!

If you’ve never been to Oklahoma, you probably haven’t had an Onion Fried Burger. This delicious burger came about during the Great Depression when ground beef was expensive and onions were cheap. A burger joint in El Reno, Oklahoma created this burger, originally called “The Depression Burger”.

What was originally created as a means to survive the great depression, turned into one of my favorite burgers of all time!

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Hawaiian Turkey Burgers

In this easy burger recipe, homemade turkey burgers are served on Hawaiian hamburger buns, topped with pineapple jalapeno onion relish & pepper jack cheese.

Hawaiian Turkey Burgers Recipe

Today’s post is sponsored by King’s Hawaiian. 

With grilling season under way, all I can think about is what I’m going to grill next!

From Bruschetta Turkey Burgers to Spinach Artichoke Turkey Burgers to these Hawaiian Turkey Burgers, I’m always looking for ways to make burgers just a little bit healthier during swimsuit season, which just so happens to overlap with grilling season!

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Pumpkin Chili Sliders

Small pumpkin spiced burger patties are topped with pumpkin chili and served on Hawaiian rolls in this delicious fall recipe twist on chili sliders!

Pumpkin Chili Sliders

Welcome to day two of Pumpkin Week on the blog! Today I created a new recipe from one of my favorite existing recipes, Pumpkin Chili!

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Sriracha Candied Bacon Brie Cheeseburger

Sriracha candied bacon, brie cheese, caramelized onions & Sriracha BBQ sauce top this delicious ultimate cheeseburger recipe!

Sriracha Candied Bacon Brie Cheeseburger Recipe

What does the ultimate cheeseburger look like?

This is what the ultimate cheeseburger looks like!

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Tortilla Wrapped Jalapeño Cheeseburger

Ditch the buns for tortillas in this grilled, tortilla wrapped, jalapeno cheeseburger recipe! It’s so delicious, easy to make & a fun new spin on burgers!

Tortilla Wrapped Jalapeño Cheeseburger

One of the ways I find recipe inspiration is through eating delicious dishes at great restaurants… or through my friends eating delicious dishes at great restaurants and sending me pictures!

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Caprese Veggie Burger Sliders

These healthy veggie burgers combine garbanzo beans, chia & hemp seeds with tomatoes & basil for a healthy & vegetarian slider recipe.

Caprese Veggie Burger Sliders

Today’s post is sponsored by Nature’s Path.

Alright, it’s time for a little honesty to start this post. I used to think that veggie burgers were all dry, flavorless and just kind of boring!

That was until I made my own veggie burgers! I’m now slightly addicted to creating different veggie burger recipes!

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